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Silver platform boots? Check.
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A tiny uproar erupted in web-o-land last week when the dubiously monikered Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named its 2010 inductees: Genesis, The Hollies, Jimmy Cliff, The Stooges and ABBA. Euro-pop act ABBA received an abundance of ire (yet few complained about Genesis, eww), the big gripe being that ABBA, a glam- pop group, got the honor, while glam- rock group KISS failed to be inducted. It was like the ’70s all over again with former teenage boys flying "Disco Sucks" flags all over the Internet.

Here’s an example from
a blog written by Ben Wener of the Orange County Register : "ABBA, that admittedly infectious but synthetic Swedish pop confection that nonetheless remains the very antithesis of rock ‘n’ roll, will get into your not-so-hallowed Hall ahead of KISS, an equally internationally adored band that has been the masked face of primordial rock for decades?"

Amid the brouhaha, I couldn’t help but notice curious similarities between KISS and ABBA. It’s as if they’re two sides of the same silvery coin. Both were massively popular quartets of the same era, both liked to dress up and look pretty, both wrote disco songs ("I Was Made For Lovin’ You"—
diiiiis-co ). Look at these pictures! The only major difference is that there was more talent in Björn Ulvaeus’ platform boot than in the ridiculous entirety of KISS. ABBA certainly deserves this silly honor.

Music To Your Ears Rumors

Two exciting tidbits about next year (here’s a hint: the ’90s are coming). 1) The work of a certain excellent, pre- Shins Albuquerque band is being remastered and shall be re-released. 2) The reunion of a certain all-girl punk band is imminent. Stay tuned for updates.

Music To Your Ears Ahem, Flyers

Hey, where’s Flyer on the Wall this week? There isn’t one because nobody made a good flyer. People—this is an easy way to draw attention to your art and event. For the love of Peter Criss, give us your flyers by posting them on

Silver platform boots? Check!

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