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All In The Wrist

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Zoltan Orkestar
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Having a good, honest mechanic is as valuable as having a good attorney or accountant. Just like the latter two, a mechanic is there to sort through and make sense of a system that’s inscrutable to the layman. Lucky for Albuquerque, two friendly, reliable and skilled gearheads founded a full-service automotive and diesel repair shop back in January. Having another local business like this is swell on its own, but this one is musician- and women-owned.

All In The Wrist Auto Repair was built by Mollie Lewis and Sarah Stinnett. Stinnett is more commonly known as singer-songwriter Kimo, a longtime, hardworking fixture in Albuquerque’s music scene. Their shop, previously out in Bernalillo, has just relocated to a Downtown Albuquerque location (1401 Fourth Street NW) that’s in the midst of most major music venues. The ladies, excited about their new digs, are looking forward to tinkering with tour vans and helping our city’s musicians get to and from shows, record stores, the plasma center or whathaveyou.

On Thursday, to help cover some of the expenses associated with getting up and running in the new space—signage, window replacement, etc.—All In The Wrist is throwing a Barn Raising Party at
Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW). The show begins at 7 p.m. and features myriad performances including those of Jasper Brown, Zoltan Orkestar, Lousy Robot, Kimo herself and many more. Admission is a $5 suggested donation. That’s a small price to pay in support of honest, local, musical auto mechanics.

Lousy Robot

Eric Williams

Auto repairs in action at All In The Wrist

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