Music To Your Ears: Burque Bop Is Grown-Up Music In A Setting For Families

Early To Rock, Early To Rise

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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The Squash Blossom Boys
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Remember when you used to go out on the town almost every night of the week, sampling the ripe fruits of your town’s musical loins? Are those days gone, perhaps replaced by the fruit of your own loins and the responsibilities of adulthood? A new concert series unfolding at the Harwood Art Center aims to soothe the sonic aches of parents in this particular predicament.

"It’s mainly an innovative opportunity for early-to-bed parents to enjoy music with their kids that is
not kids’ music. It’s grown-up music in a setting for families,” says Mike Sullivan, who, along with Wade Patterson, is organizing monthly concerts played by local bands. Dubbed Burque Bop, the debut show is on Sunday, Feb. 28, with The Squash Blossom Boys.

“Adults that used to enjoy seeing live music more regularly before having children can
still enjoy live bands and performances. Bands get a chance to reach a new audience and the daytime shows don’t interfere with any of their usual nighttime gigs. It’s a win-win. And, of course, kids get to bounce around to good, real music!"

Sullivan says Burque Bop is inspired by Rock-n-Romp, an event that happens in Denver, Brooklyn, Austin and other cities. He says he first learned about it when his band—a ’60s-style garage shaker called
The Hall Monitors—performed at one in D.C. Three years ago, Sullivan and his wife moved to Albuquerque from our nation’s capital. Sullivan says he’s wanted to get an event like this going for a while, but becoming a father took up too much of his time.

Burque Bop is borne of a partnership between the Harwood and
Cottonwood Gulch Foundation and will take place the last Sunday of the month from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Harwood—1114 Seventh Street NW. Tickets cost $7—kids get in for free.

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