Music To Your Ears: Fest Combines Accordions And Ultra-Sexiness

It’s Sexy Squeezebox Time

Summer Olsson
2 min read
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The accordion is one of my favorite instruments. Its sound can be peppy, polka-y, haunting, mournful and, yes, even sexy. As such, I am predisposed to like this show, and I think it might turn you on, too. At Winning Coffee Co. on Wednesday, June 15, let the spirit of the sexy accordion take you. Two sultry accordion-toting performers from California will join Burque’s own Zoltan Orkestar in squeezing out vaudeville, cabaret, traditional French stuff and more.

Renée de la Prade, from San Francisco, has a name that makes her fit right in the genre. She plays solo and with bands, works in an accordion repair shop and co-designed the 2011 Accordion Babes Album and Pin-up Calendar. The calendar features 12 months of pics: scantily clad females in various locales showcasing their squeezeboxes. de la Prade plays everything from traditional folk to ’80s pop-punk to children’s music. Her touring partner-in-crime is Amber Lee Baker, who specializes in “neo-folk accordion cabaret.” Back in Santa Rosa, Calif., Baker’s main gig is Amber Lee and the Anomalies, but she’s flying solo for this trip. Along with the accordion, she uses a loop pedal, glockenspiel and other percussive instruments. Circusy gypsy jazz is what Zoltan Orkestar offers. The event will incorporate old-time variety show elements like humor and dance. Show up early so you don’t miss any of the sexiness.

Sexy Accordion Fest

with Renée de la Prade, Amber Lee Baker and Zoltan Orkestar

Wednesday, June 15, 7 p.m.

Winning Coffee Co.

111 Harvard SE

Tickets: $5, all-ages

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