Music To Your Ears: Live Music Rant, Natural Sound, Owl Green’s

Put A Scarf On And Get Out Of The House

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Things can get really dark music-wise in December and January. First there’s the holiday craze. Bands stop touring, and local shows are few. Following Christmas, presumably due in part to cash flow issues stemming from said holiday craze (not to mention the ongoing recession), fewer people dare to venture out into the long, cold January nights. Being one who attends events several times a week, it’s painful to witness the barren interiors of venues where crowds of music fans should be rocking out. This problem—tied up in economics as well as cultural awareness, a dwindling band supply, scant support for local musicians, hostility toward Downtown as an entertainment district, absurdly rigid liquor laws, absent public transportation and taxi services, and a mess of other issues—is more complicated than could be contained within a tiny column. In any case, this message is simple. Within the next month the January/December lull dissipates, giving way to cool, interesting, exciting or otherwise music-related events around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. And they’ll only increase throughout the year. If you haven’t made a resolution for 2010, please resolve to go see live music. By doing so you’ll be entertained in a way incomparable to any video game or sitcom rerun, while also supporting the local culture and economy, and fighting the power—be it CABQ or Old Man Winter.

Music To Your Ears Natural Sound Is On The Move

Natural Sound, a store that has been a Nob Hill cornerstone at its Amherst and Central location for years, is moving at the beginning of February. The record shop is traveling east down Route 66 to 4011 Central NE, next to Morningside Antiques. And naturally, there’s a moving sale—until Jan. 30 all vinyl, CDs and DVDs are 20 percent off. Get ’em cheap before they cross Carlisle.

Music To Your Ears Owl Green’s Music, R.i.p.

Noelan Ramirez, drummer for a various rock bands and proprietor of Downtown’s only music equipment store, has closed the doors of Owl Green’s Music, which was housed at 112 Second Street in the Sunshine Building. While he did cite economic crisis-related issues and low foot traffic, he says his main reason for closing was to work on art and music. Best-o-luck, Noelan.

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