Music To Your Ears: Tenderizor’s Destroyed Tones

Destroyed Tones

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Tenderizors Steve Hammond and Raven Chacon
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Tenderizor—purveyor of epic heavy metal and subsequent rainbows in the dark—is something of an Albuquerque supergroup. Its five members include Steve Hammond ( Leeches of Lore), Raven Chacon ( Death Convention Singers, Black Guys, KILT), brothers Mike and Pat Day ( Fando, Old Man) and Kris Kerby ( Sabertooth Cavity). This week, Tenderizor releases its first record, Touch The Sword , out on Chacon’s label Sicksicksick Distro. The record release party happens on Saturday, March 26, at Burt’s Tiki Lounge (313 Gold SW) with metal friends Acryptical and El Paso’s Mongrel. Last week Tenderizor collectively answered some e-questions in the midst of shred sessions on the West Coast.

When did Tenderizor form and how?

We came up with the band name first a few years ago, and we figured that we should make the band a reality. The songs also come about the same way.

How do you describe your sound?

Thrash-noise. The never-ending quest for the shittiest guitar tone on Earth.

What do you want people to know about Touch The Sword ?

We wanted to create a heavy metal classic, so we did. We wrote, recorded, mixed and produced the entire album ourselves at Que Studios and Studio A at Knife City Studios. Local-billy-badass Lorin Parker mastered it. Red vinyl specially designed to be so loud that the needle skips as soon as you try to play it.

Tell me about the album art.

It was custom done by our bro, the great
Mike Giant. It surely captures the glory, ferocity and chivalry of the album.

What’s your ultimate goal?

Our goal is to eventually increase our speed so that it becomes a blurry drone. We have been achieving this by cross-training with small weights attached to our fingers while soloing, then gradually increasing the heaviness.

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The flyer for Saturday’s record release party depicts Touch The Sword album art.

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