Music To Your Ears: The Scrams Are Dead

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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The Scrams Are Dead
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Well, they had a good run. The men of the self-deemed warehouse rock band started kicking out ye olde jams way back in 2009 with a wonderfully demented, organ-laden, five-song 7-inch. The following year a full-length CD (with a nifty, hand-printed onion cross section on the cover) was released, and another 7-inch (this one sadly organ-less) turned up this year. All the while, the band, armed with a super catchy name, played show after trashy, twitchy, loud garage rock show. Audiences and music writers gushed.

The Scrams will be holding rock and roll funeral services for itself this Saturday. Alas, guitarist Juan Carlos Rodriguez is being called away to Manhattan for a reporting job. This last hurrah is coupled with a disconcerting six-song remix album—“AMSCRAY: The Scrams Get Scrambled”—available to download for free via NYC net label Immigrant Breast Nest ( I dare you to listen to it. Partake in the live action before The Scrams really does as the name suggests.

The Scrams are dead show

with Adam Hooks & His HangUps, The Seeing Things, The Hollow Lines, Gusher and DJ Commodity Meat

Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 to 11 p.m.

The Plant

1407 Fourth Street SW

Tickets: $5, all-ages!

The Scrams Are Dead

The Scrams Are Dead

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