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Soul Devine, Revíva Headline

John Drake
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Revolution Visits Burque
(courtesy of mariposa music)
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During a revolutionary time in the US, Revolution, a concert event featuring funky local legends Soul Divine—along with an appearance by by Burque jam-masters ¡Revíva!—seeks to bring back the musical love. The upcoming event, focused on bringing a sense of unity to Albuquerque, will also feature DJ Positrax. providing a gathering at the Historic El Rey Theater (622 Central Ave. SW) on Saturday, Oct. 13 that will be a night filled with a feel-good combination of songs and community activism that’s revolutionary!

Described as a mix between Latin and “jazz-tinged R&B music,” Soul Divine is has been a staple in the genre-bending scene that’s building musical momentum all over the country,
El Duque included. With a 20 years of performance and recording under its collective belt, Soul Divine has shared the stage with the likes of The Dazz Band, Lakeside and James Brown. They’re always ready to get down to the sound, kids!

Co-headliner, ¡Revíva!, is well-known here and all around the world as a flexibly groovy reggae outfit with funky, rocked-out inflections.

The band will tell you that “Revíva’s mission as a band is to revive themselves and others through the healing power of music and to give back and help those in the community” and they straight up meant it!

Revíva aims to spread positivity and inspire change in the way people think and act. Their music reflects that commitment through a danceable sort of joy that comes out cool at every gig they play. Soul Divine, meanwhile will capture your heart by leading you out to the dance floor for a full night of body moving and grooving.
7pm • $20 to $25 • 18+.

Tickets Here.

Revolution Visits Burque

courtesy of Mariposa Music

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