Mute Math

With Vedera, One For Hope And Dear Oceana

Simon McCormack
1 min read
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Launchpad on Tuesday, Jan. 24, $8 (all-ages): If DJ Shadow was in an up-and-coming alt.rock band, the music emanating from his garage would sound a lot like electro-rockers Mute Math. Despite using self-made instruments and a dilapidated keyboard, the New Orleans quartet is steeped in seamless production and Shadow-esque samples with a drum machine background–all of which make for songs that sound as much like dance music as straightforward rock. Paul Meany's Stingish vocals are set on “permanent echo mode,” which gives them an airy, ethereal quality similar to Minus the Bear's Jake Snider.

Mute Math is a band for grunge gurus and trip-hop fans alike. The group has decided to follow up their 2004 debut EP Reset with a self-titled LP that's only available at the band's shows (which have been selling out across the country). Those worried that they'll miss out on their chance to see Mute Math and/or snag their CD can get tickets in advance at Natural Sound or by visiting

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