Old Man Shattered Cd Release Party

With Ki

Jenny Gamble
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Saturday, April 1, Lobo Theater (all-ages), 6 p.m.; Free: When it comes to making records, Old Man Shattered knows that three’s the charm. And with local rockers Ki to support their show, Old Man Shattered is planning a CD release party like no other. For one thing, “It's free,” says David Meyers, vocalist for OMS. “Not just free; it's totally free, and you may get something for free, too.”

Their latest release, The End of the Matter, was recorded here in New Mexico at On Fire Productions with Donn Halliburton. The album brings closure to experiences that, while challenging, have brought the band closer then ever. “Our last studio experience was totally rushed,” said Meyers, “We had three days to record the album. We wanted to take our time with this album.” The band, who is presently unsigned and completely independent, plans to take this new record through the channels of national distribution and will see where things go from there.

Meyers and his bandmates started OMS while playing music for their church youth group and all have very strong spiritual and family values. “If people want to call us a Christian band, I have no problem with that, but what we play is rock music. You wouldn't call Blink 182 a drug and alcohol band; they're just a great punk rock band.” Whatever you call them, OMS has been on a steady uphill climb since their youth group days. As last year's winning band in the New Mexico State Fair's Music Showcase, Meyers says his crew was “truly shocked” at the outcome of the judging. “We never win any competitions. Especially if the other bands competing have chicks in them … we’ll lose hands-down.” Humility, combined with extraordinary talent, is a big part of what gives OMS their good name in the local music community. “We aren't preachers,” Meyers says, “Our goal isn't to change someone's mind, just to get them thinking in a different way.”

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