Out Of The Garage And Into The Streets

Musings On This Weekend'S Rocksquawk.com Music Showcase

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Because we thought the Rocksquawk.com Music Showcase turned out to be totally rad, a few of us here at the Alibi thought we'd reflect on the matter.

JCC: So, what was everyone’s favorite thing about the music showcase last Saturday?

Laura Marrich: I got to meet and talk to a ton of other local musicians. We shot the shit, networked and generally had a grand old time in each others’ company. That was nice.

Jeremy, the Web Monkey: I had a lot of fun Saturday. Great music, … And there weren’t even very many thugs on the streets.

JCC: Yeah, that was nice. I liked that it was low-key, but still felt like a special event. And the atmosphere was great; people seemed to be in a good mood. And there was the ass-load of sweet local performances. I have to say my favorite of the night was Fast Heart Mart at Pearl’s Dive. What were your favorites?

LM: I got to see a bunch of awesome bands that I haven’t had a chance to see before, like Kronic Obsession and The Unemploid. Those guys were totally bad-ass! I was also really impressed by Old Man Shattered—they seem like they’ve got a shot with the big boys.

JWM: Atomic Cantina had a great lineup … I saw (at least parts of) Romeo Goes to Hell, Unit 7 Drain, The Mindy Set, Scenester and Oktober People. I went to Ned’s to catch the Gracchi and even though short-skirt, high-heeled chicks were pouring in, ready to shake their ass to the latest Nelly single, the crowd still seemed to really dig the rock n’ roll. Towards the end of the night I popped over to Burt’s Tiki Lounge. Mystic Vision was on the stage and were practically bringing down the walls. I couldn’t help but skank to their song “Ganga Smuggler.”

JCC: Did you guys see those people on the segways? Do you think those things look stupid too?

LM: Segways. Ha! I saw a flock of police officers on them. It was really surreal.

JWM: I was jealous because I wanted to try one. I almost asked the cops if I could take a little spin, but thinking back, I’m glad I didn’t.

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