Outrageous Cherry

With The Foxx, The Mindy Set And The Dirty Novels

John Hult
2 min read
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Monday, May 2; Launchpad (21 and over): Part of me wants to believe Outrageous Cherry was the only modern band Hunter S. Thompson would let into his CD collection. The same part of me wants to hack into Clear Channel's “oldies” database and add Outrageous Cherry's Wide Awake In the Spirit World to it, just to see if anyone would notice.

I can see it now: aging hippies with their “local” oldies station playing in the background look up from their game of Scattergories, put down their glass of Merlot and quiz each other over the origin of the song they're sure they remember hearing somewhere, sometime a long time ago. “I think the Strawberry Alarm Clocks did this song … I swear I heard this at the Whisky … if only I hadn't done so many drugs. …”

Detroit's Outrageous Cherry—named after hair dye—haven't garnered the media attention of other Motor City revivalists, but that doesn't detract from the sound. With seven albums and a band history longer than the White Stripes, the Cherry's principle songwriter Matthew Smith and his illustrious company of mods continue to supply pure psychedelic soundscapes to anyone with ears to hear it. Though often compared to The Velvet Underground, Outrageous Cherry go far enough beyond imitation to make the observation more of a description than a definition. If you've got the revival bug and some ether in your closet crying out for attention, stumble down to the Launchpad Monday and sample the wares for five bucks.

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