Pato Banton And The Mystic Roots Band

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Pato Banton and the Mystic Roots Band
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Saturday, Aug. 5, Santa Fe Brewing Company, $20-$25: Admittedly, I have more than slight apprehension about anything that involves the word “mystic.” It just seems like a pretty obvious warning that trustafarians (aka trust fund rastafarians) talking about spirituality are near. But let’s just forget about that for now.

Pato Banton, the man who would become a prominent toaster (like a rapper), began his recording career in Birmingham, England, in 1982 by appearing on a track called “Pato and Roger a Go Talk” on the third album of new wave/second wave ska gods and fellow Brummies (dudes from Birmingham), The English Beat. Prior to that, Banton had mixed records and toasted as an MC for V-Rocket, his stepfather’s reggae disco sound system act. In 1985, he also appeared on a UB40 album, but did not release his own material until ’87’s “Never Give In.” That release was followed over the years by nearly a dozen more studio albums and live recordings, of which he’s sold millions, gathering international admiration.

These days Banton reportedly still resides in Birmingham, but is touring America and will make a stop for one of Santa Fe Brewing Company’s outdoor reggae events. Show-goers can expect world-class reggae, ragga and toasting, as well as delectable Santa Fe cuisine and microbrews. (They can probably also expect a single “Jah” emoted during an overdub interlude.) So praise be to Jah, legalize it, Bup! Bup!, etc. This intimate Pato Banton show just may be the local reggae party of 2006. Jah!
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