Pms >> Rip

Pms >> Rip

Laura Marrich
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It’s hard to describe what Potty Mouth Sherry’s are outside the obvious "all-girl" (there are four of them, to be precise), but I’ll try with some stream of consciousness—Punk. Folk. Pirate. Circus. Noise. Art-house. Playground. Butch. Femme. Bad-good. Good-bad. Sinbad. Ukulele-core.

Or, to take a tour of their song topics—Zombie bats. Women in Congress. Abortion. Gay cowboys. Bicycles. Unicorns. "Star Trek." And that’s just on the first album.

The Potty Mouth Sherry’s have been playing this sort of irreverent mental hopscotch since forming in 2003, always handing their instruments off between songs like a game of musical chairs. In all that time, their proficiency with their instruments has essentially remained the same—that is, pretty crude. It’s hard to get great at one instrument when you’re shuffling five around like a hot potato; but even so, their playing seems intentionally chaotic and unrefined. PMS like to pile cacophony onto cacophony, stacking up and falling over like children pretending to be drunken sailors. There’s never any doubt they’re having fun.

Four years of PMS, and now a member, Cassady Fernandez, is moving to Brooklyn. The band is breaking up. But before they go, they’ve recorded a new album that needs releasing. Cassady will say "goodbye" to Albuquerque and "hello" to the new album,
Knee Biter, this Friday, Sept. 14, at Ralli’s Fourth Street Pub and Grill. (Bring some bucks for cover just in case.) Fast Heart Mart, Roñoso and Fando will open.

PMS are also one of 12 bands to be featured in the 2008 New Mexico Rocks! Pinup Calendar. There’s a small chance that Cassady may return for the NMR calendar compilation CD release in November. Hedge your bet and see them all together while you can.

Opm >> Lotus

Following the saga of OPM’s closure a few weeks back (See "Music To Your Ears," Aug. 23–29), Rory Veronda, general manager for OPM, stopped moving long enough to tell me what’s happened to the dance club at 211 Gold SW.

The long and short of it: There was a sale (the Albuquerque club is now owned by Brian Craig, a native of Vancouver) and lawsuit (brought by one Opium Garden of Miami, who claimed OPM’s name too closely resembled its own). The long and short of
that : The club is relaunching with a fresh look and a new name, which is Lotus.

In the month that OPM/Lotus has been shuttered, the club has undergone an extensive remodel—there are new fixtures and amenities throughout, from the dance floors to bars to DJs booths. The club is being recast as an Asian-chic ultralounge.

Above all, Rory’s feeling good about the club’s past success and its current transformation. "We want to thank the customers that made OPM such an amazing place over the years. It’s been the funnest job you could possibly imagine."

Lotus will officially open this Friday. There’s a "VIP" preview from 6 to 9 p.m. with free champagne and snacks, followed by more grand opening partying. Visit or call 243-0955 for details.
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