Post-Crawl Wrap Up

One Reporter’s Spring Crawl 2007 Experience

Simon McCormack
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A deadhead takes in the show at the Launchpad. (Tina Larkin)
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If you want to really feel that you’ve gotten your wristband’s worth, it’s probably best to arrive at the Crawl by at least nine. I had an added incentive however, for a relatively early arrival as local electronic/booty rock band Rap was slated for the 9 p.m. slot at Burt’s Tiki Lounge.

I had previously spoken with the boys in Rap for an
Alibi interview in conjunction with their Mardi Gras show and they were nice enough to get me a CD of a few of their songs. It would be a severe understatement to say that the CD did not prepare me for a live Rap show. Hari Ziznewski, the two-man-band’s lead singer looked like he had done some pre-performance partying and that added a bit more lust to his onstage bumping and grinding.

By the end of the show most of the Burt’s crowd (which seemed a bit reluctant to get down at the start) was in full groove and Rap fed off the crowd’s energy to make the show the best one I saw all night.

At 10 I went next door to the Atomic Cantina where hardcore punk band The Rum Fits had just begun to play to a crowd of tattooed punkers as well as several Atomic regulars who seemed poised to start a mosh pit.

Before I had a chance to have my glasses smashed in the rowdy mob, I reluctantly tore myself away from the show in order to catch the last half of The Dirty Novels set at the Launchpad. If I had to pick just one up-and-coming band that was going make it in this industry, it would have to be the Novels. No matter how big or small the crowd they’re playing to (the Launchpad crowd on this particular evening was substantial) they always seem like they’re playing a sold out arena show. They are so focused, crisp, composed and professional in their presentation that they just seem destined to achieve something big.

After a brief pass by the outdoor all-ages show to hear a bit of the Eric McFadden Trio, I moseyed over to the District where retro-rockers The Foxx did little to live up to their promise that they were “gonna suck tonight!” and instead turned in a killer closing show oozing with Charisma and hair dye.

All in all, a very fun and successful evening was had by all (or at the very least me) and I eagerly await the chance to do a Fall Crawl wrap up in a few months.

This family of cowboys and girls was in attendance, too.

Tina Larkin

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