Power To The Children

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Powermoves Entertainment is a locally based record company with international intentions. Eric Martinez established the label back in 2001 and now hosts his own team of personnel and artists. Powermoves has represented the Southwest at glitzy, big-time functions like the Latin Rap Conference, the Sundance Film Festival and the MTV Music Awards. Now, Powermoves vice president of operations John Chavez says the company is preparing for what may be its most important event yet—their Empowering The Youth block party, going down Saturday, July 28, at the Balloon Fiesta Park.

“Not enough of these kids have positive role models to look up to,” says Chavez. The label’s block party will give kids an opportunity to interact with talented, positive adults from the recording industry, along with the Albuquerque Police and Fire Department, New Mexico athletes and other local celebrities.

Latina R&B artist Rena is largely responsible for the idea behind the event. “Our youth, our seed for the future, our kids here in New Mexico need some encouragement,” she says. “They need to be told that they can make it in this world.”

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Powermoves artists like Rena and JMar will perform with musicians from other record labels (Royalty Life‘s Cooley Sha and Jigzaw are among them). In between music sets, all-star wrestling and martial arts teams will demonstrate amazing feats of physical skill, while food and a rock climbing wall will be available throughout. In addition to the fun and games, community role models will raise awareness against drugs, alcohol and gangs, and take up a collection for school supplies. Chavez makes very clear, “There’s no secret behind this event to make money. It’s completely nonprofit and for the kids.”

Thanks to support from sponsors, the event is free. Another helping hand is coming from Albuquerque Parks and Recreation—not only do they have an army of kids in day camps all over the metro, they’re shuttling every single one over to the Balloon Fiesta Park.

Chavez says giving back to the kids of New Mexico is more important to him than ever. “I mean, we’re all from here. At one point or another, we could’ve used something like this when we were kids, so in effect we’re making that change.”

For more information on Powermoves Entertainment and the Empowering the Youth block party, log on to www.powermovesmusic.com.

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