Rachael Sage

Michael Henningsen
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Saturday, Aug. 28; AMP House Concert (all ages, 7:30 p.m.): “In a sense, when you've been the weird person in your childhood—and you didn't even necessarily know you were different—you were maybe the last one picked [in] gym … or the last one asked to prom because you had a big nose or you were too skinny. I always tried to turn that around for myself. I figured out the way I was going to be happy was by cultivating all that oddness …”

What Rachael Sage could mean by “all that oddness” is the rare cultivation of musical talent that perfectly channels the personality of the creator to her very core. There's doubtfully any difference between meeting the self-styled keyboardist/vocalist face-to-face and listening to who she is on one of her five self-produced, self-financed CDs.

The latest among them, Ballads & Burlesque (Mpress) is the most chillingly beautiful and poignant piano-based collection of songs since Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes. The opportunity to watch and listen to her perform in an intimate “living room” atmosphere is one that might just change your life if you let it.

Call 842-5073 or e-mail abqmusic@att.net to make reservations (required) and get directions. $10 minimum donation is the least you can do.

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