Rashaan Houston Single Release Party

Fireball 2006 At Pulse

Jenny Gamble
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Finally—a place to wear my ripped-up vintage fire engine-red leather jacket. And just when I thought all hope was lost. …

Pulse nightclub and the fabulous RaShaan Houston are putting together a dance party to beat all dance parties. The theme: If it's red, it is definitely hot. The event will feature my favorite guy to fly the local music coop, DJ Chris De Jesus (he now resides in Las Vegas, Nev.), and Houston, who'll release two new dance singles: “It's Alright” on Generate Music and “Warrior” on Ruff-n-Tuff records.

Houston hopes to create an event that will enlighten Albuquerque to the beauty of dance beats—a genre that hasn't quite taken off here in the Duke City.

“I would like to get more exposure to this style of music,” he says, “and hopefully get people excited about the kind of music we will offer at this event.”

Houston has spent the last 10 years working with other DJs at scores of hip-hop and electronic music events to generate more local interest in his brand of high-energy dance music. He is a singer, songwriter and vocal producer extraordinaire; and a local music supporter who hopes to make his mark in the New Mexico music scene by developing dance enthusiasts in the process.

“Instead of L.A. and New York, I want to bring my resources and my music here to Albuquerque,” he says, “I think this music can really work here.”

Having worked on local events with Power Moves Entertainment, a local label and artist management firm (DJ Devin and Dreeg are both on the label), Houston is confident that this event will be, in no uncertain terms, over-the-top. Open your closet doors and reach for the red: Fireball 2006 is going to be an absolute explosion of intensely heated proportions.

Fireball 2006 will feature RaShaan Houston, DJ Chris De Jesus, DJ Jenn, Gia, Throb and Angelica del Rio. Saturday, March 11, at Pulse Nightclub (21-and-over only). Music starts at midnight.

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