Return Of Turkey Purge

Laura Marrich
2 min read
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Socyermom Records and the Launchpad have spewed out a Turkey Purge every year since 2000. The carnival of distended stomachs, local rock music and hooch is nothing short of a pair of open arms for freaked-out scenesters to come running to after Thanksgiving. Your uncle was a creep? Blast the sound of his god-awful voice out of your eardrums. The turkey gave you gas? This booze will kill any harmful bacteria left in your system. You’re fat? … Aren’t we all?

Then in 2006, nothing. We didn’t hear a peep from Socyermom or the Launchpad about it. We feared the Turkey Purge was done for.

But, as usual, we were just paranoid. It looks like Turkey Purge is back, though not in its traditional day-after Thanksgiving slot. On Saturday, Nov. 24, drop your in-laws off at the airport, then run—or, more likely, quickly hobble while clutching one side of your ribs—to the Launchpad. Bring $5. And a rain slicker.

Who's Eddie Pearce?

Tyler of neophyte local band The Devil’s Due wants you to know about a friend of his: Eddie Pearce. Tyler and Eddie have been buddies since high school, when they played in bands together. These days, Eddie is a water cop who works for the city busting water hogs.

Tyler tells us Eddie has struggled with back problems for years, but it’s gotten so bad he needs a serious back operation. With surgery and other medical costs, Eddie’s looking at a bill of close to $10,000.

Tyler describes Eddie as "the type of person who will spend all day cooking great big meals just to invite his friends and family over to eat all his food." The recipient of many of those meals, The Devil’s Due boys are hoping to repay some of that generosity.

This Friday, Nov. 23, The Devil’s Due, 3 Hole Punch, Legion of Heathens and Bonfire are donating sets for Eddie’s cause at Puccini’s Golden West Saloon (21+). Each $5 admission goes right into his medical fund.
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