Rock Outside The Box Volume 2

Nate Smith Gets His Pie Manhandled In The Name Of Local Music

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It's been more than two years since the Rock Outside the Box compilation ripped 14 up-and-comers from the streets of downtown Albuquerque and crammed them into one precocious little jewel case. The album was organized by Feels Like Sunday guitarist Nate Smith. He says he did it to “promote unity in the scene.” At the time of its release, our own Michael Henningsen said, “Not since Socyermom’s Ouch! compilation has a collection of songs by local bands struck such a bright glimmer of hope.”

Now, in 2005, it seems fitting that Rock Outside the Box Volume 2 comes to us by way of a first-time collaboration between Nate Smith and Socyermom Records proprietor (and Ouch! compilation organizer) Leonard Apodaca. The Alibi recently spoke with Nate about the hotly awaited follow-up compilation and its newfound partnership with Socyermom.

Is “the Box” literal or figurative? What's inside it?

I hope there isn't a real rock inside—it's like when you get a rock in your shoe and it kind of sucks. … What are we talking about?

You chose to do all the recording at Stepbridge Studios in Santa Fe. What's up with that?

They were the only studio I thought could do 30 different bands justice.

How can all these bands afford to record up there?

All the bands put in some money, then we worked together through the power of teamwork.

And how did you acquire the power of teamwork?

I acquired the power of teamwork from an old mentor of mine. He was a powerful man who showed me that if I couldn't succeed, I should get other people who are better than me to do all the work. And then tell them it's teamwork.

It appears that Volume 2 is twice as big as Volume 1.

I thought it would be fun to do a double CD. Every time I do it, it'll get bigger. Next time I think it'll be a box set!

What is the selection process like?

A gnome visited me in my sleep and said if I didn't choose these bands, Bush would win a third term.

How long did it take to put this dude together?

It has been awhile—at least two weeks in the studio, and lots o' time in the art department. I started this in March of '05, so that's at least eight months.

Who did the bird art for the compilation?

The guy who did the artwork would like to be known as EGG. I don't know why.

How did Leonard Apodaca's hand get into your pie?

Well, Leonard knows a good piece of pie when he sees it.

Any songs about topless bars, à la Coke Is Better with Bourbon's track off the last ROTB compilation?

No topless bar songs, but there is a kick-ass song about Republican girls [by Old Beans].

During recording, were there any Kip Winger sightings?

Kip never came by, but I think we saw Vince Neil streaking through the parking lot!

Rock Outside the Box Volume 2 will be released into the wilds of Albuquerque this Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Launchpad, Burt's Tiki Lounge and Atomic Cantina.

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