Rock, Rock And More Rock: Scenester Rocks Balls

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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After a four-year hiatus filled with masters degrees and other bands, Scenester, comprised of Leonard Apodaca on guitar, Roger Apodaca on bass (both formerly of GoMotorCar) and Luke Cordova (Blunt Society) on drums, is releasing their second album, Formula Rock EP. Leonard Apodaca (who you might remember from the Socyermom Records piece in this week's feature) tells all.

Is this the third, fourth, second, first. … ?

It's the second album with Scenester. This is actually a funny story because we had our other band called Stretch; we changed the lineup a little and probably should have changed the name, but didn't. Then we realized we were putting out a CD and thought maybe we should change the name. So we changed it to Scenester and put out Spoonfed Corporate Rock, the full length, and didn't even play a single show after the CD release party.

I don't want to ask this, but I have to: Where does the name come from?

When we were changing the name from Stretch we had all of these different names, and I just wanted to call the band Scenester, just because, to me, it seemed like everything we weren't at the time, especially my drummer. I can't really say that about myself—I'm probably the biggest scenester there is. Anyway, I just liked the name. It's totally tongue-in-cheek.

So what else do you want to say about Scenester and the new album?

I think anyone that ends up seeing us live will like it. It's a definite change from what me and my brother were doing with GoMotorCar, where we were doing this really moody mellow sort of thing, and it's just fun to get up there now and rock balls. I think that if more people came to check it out they'd dig it. I think the CD speaks for itself; it's really pretty freaking good. It's an EP; I guess we could have pulled a full length out, but I think there's something cool with EPs. But I'm pretty proud of the release; I'm really proud of it, actually.

Scenester's CD release party at Atomic Cantina is part of's music showcase Saturday, August 20. Entry costs $5, but also admits you into seven other bars Downtown. It's totally unfair that this event is 21-and-over.

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