Romeo Goes To Hell: It'S A Blast!

People, Rachel Plays The Damn Guitar—Not The Bass

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Oh, hell yeah, Romeo Goes to Hell is releasing their first album entitled Two Car Garage Rock. The Albuquerqueans who label (or are forced by people like me to label) their music as two-car garage rock, or punk by default, came into existence in late 2002 and contain a year-old line-up comprised of Levi Eleven on bass, Noelan Ramirez on drums, Josh King on keyboards, Rachel Luhan on guitar and world-class ladies man Rexx Ruthless (swoon) on guitar as well. Everyone sings.

For those of us lucky enough to have experienced live Romeo Goes to Hell performances in the past couple of years, we know that: a) the songs are user-friendly, meaning that if you want to sing along and move your body around rhythmically, the music easily facilitates it; b) they concoct a powerful blend of punk rock and pop which leaves the listener with the feeling that they have been thoroughly rocked, and c) Rexx Ruthless' raspy, atonal vocal style really works!

So for all of these reasons, and so many more, I'm pleased that forevermore I will have my favorite Romeo Goes to Hell hits like “Terror on the Front Porch,” “Between My Teeth” and the classic “Let's Go Bang!” at my fingertips. And with the uncompromising and wily cartoon gun imagery as album art, I'm reminded every time I play my Romeo Goes to Hell album that I'm in for a badass ride.

Last week the Alibi had the luck of asking Rachel and Levi a couple of probing questions, via gigaweb. Below is the communiqué.

What principles was Romeo Goes to Hell founded upon?

Levi: Many people feel that The Principal (1987) is James Belushi's best movie, but I'll always remember him for those ones with the dog.

Rachel: We have something for everyone.

How would you characterize the band's focus, direction and musical integrity?

Levi: Through a lot of hard work and dedication, we've finally gotten near the level that a talented lazy person would have reached.

Why does Romeo Goes to Hell always leave me wanting more?

Levi: Is that some kind of dig? Have you been talking to my ex-girlfriends?

Can the sentiment expressed in your ditties be described as lyric, verse, ballad, ode, elegy or poem?

Levi: Rant? Tirade? Dirty joke written on the men's room wall?

Rachel: None of the above.

Are you pissed that I just called your songs ditties?

Rachel: Somewhat.

Levi: It's got my ditties all tingly.

What's your idea of a perfect evening?

Levi: Being in a band is a nice way to pass the time. It gives you a reason to go to a bar that can hide your alcoholism.

Do you think I look fat in this?

Rachel: I'm not falling for that one.

Levi: I'd really have to see you out of it to make a fair comparison.

Complete the following phrases: Down with … ?

Levi: Gravity.

Up with … ?

Levi: No, I can't go on. That last one outed me as a nerd.

Why in hell should people attend your CD release?

Rachel: Why the hell not? It'll be the most fun, rockin' night people in the 505 have had in a long time. Plus, you get a free CD.

Do you have a message for the people of New Mexico?

Rachel: Lighten up.

Levi: We are just a rock band. I try to save my messages for other outlets.

The Romeo Goes to Hell CD release fête will be held at the Launchpad Friday, August 5. The adults-only event will be a romantic evening complemented by the regional music of Unit 7 Drain, Scenester, Feels Like Sunday, Lousy Robot and The Gracchi. Entry costs $5, but comes with the band's new album, gratis.

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