Show Up!: A Girl Fight, A Ball Of Funk

The Sunny Wintertime Shows

August March
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A Girl Fight, A Ball of Funk
Chicharra (Paris Mancini)
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Where I am it’s sunny and bright. All of the snow is gone and light comes streaming through my front window in big brilliant lines that cut across the curtain by the window. The light beams land upon my desk and so spread over the objects assembled there, which include a computer keyboard.

It’s the perfect place from which to write something encouraging—nay rocking—about this week’s upcoming local live musical events.

Show Up!: Thursday

Burqueña musician extradordinare—and former Alibi staffer—Marisa Demarco wrote me to remind me that this week’s Thursday Night Girl Fight at Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW) on Thursday, Jan. 10 marks the 10th year of the lauded local concert series featuring women musicians. Demarco’s missive serves as a potent reminder that like much else in Western civilization, rocanrol has long been dominated by human males hell bent on preserving the hegemony of the patriarchy. While that’s certainly true, much has been done—particularly in the past 70 years—to rectify that calamitous situation. Here in our hometown, players like Demarco and her cadre often stand out as the ultimate rockers, tuned-in, possessed of divine chops and able to transcend the normative with an aplomb that resides well beyond any definition of gender.

Becki Jones, the bass player in Weed Rat and Nizhóní Girls—and one of the forces behind Cat Teeth and Litter Brain—told
Weekly Alibi that Demarco’s unflagging output—organizationally and musically—had been a big influence—not to mention a huge game-changer—on the scene, saying, “Marisa started it because not a lot of women were on a lot of music bills, especially 10 years ago here in Albuquerque.” The change, she continued, has come about due to Thursday Night Girl Fight, concluding that, “it’s building a lot more confidence for women and for bands with women to do their own stuff, to play their own music.”

This week’s anniversary programme includes epic performances by
Chicharra, Nizhóní Girls, Ebony Isis Booth, Ermine, Ramonda Holiday, Baby Tuna and many more of the most rocking femmes in this sunny city by the river. 8:30pm • $5 • 21+.

Show Up!: Friday

The Horned God, in nature.
Of course there’s more stoner/desert/doom rock than the average mortal can handle in the Duke City and maybe that’s why we’re all here, above the mean and always prepared for a savage sonic onslaught where one’s soul is part of the currency being bartered for by very dark forces indeed. Ahem.

In proof of such metallic contentions I offer the following: an album release gathering shall be held on Friday, Jan. 11 at the
Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW) to commemorate the latest release by local heavier than hell itself—even if you count the Republicans already there—band The Horned God, a cosplay power trio who base their outrageous output on the works of a series of graphic novels describing life amongst certain Celtic barbarian tribes possesed of magic. I dunno about you, but that sounds pretty, pretty good to me. Their new eponymous work will be played in its entirety and The Horned God will be joined by other occult-ish entities Red Mesa, The Talking Hours, Prey For Kali and Manhigh or a night not to be missed—unless you gotta stay home and mind the dragons. 9pm • $5 • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

George Clinton and P-Funk
Two things about George Clinton and his gang Parliament Funkadelic: I first heard about George and his followers in high school. Certain folks would jam to his music after the Screamin’ Eagles—which is what they called the high school jazz band—rehearsed in the music building. But the whole thing was sorta funky and secretive. Then a single called “Flash Light” dropped and everything came bright clear. The other thing has to do with the origin and maintenance of something called “the funk.” According to the Mighty Boosh, it’s a thing of vile beauty which—once posessed by Bootsy Collins and thrown overboard into the world by Clinton—changed life as you and I know it, forever.

Anyway Clinton and his ensemble du jour—P-Funk is a rotating collective after all, depending who is riding on the mothership at any given time—are playing two gigs in advance of their 2019 Mardi Gras Tour. And Burque is one of them. The gig goes down on Saturday, Jan. 12 at the
Isleta Resort and Casino Showroom (11000 Broadway SE). Damn that’s going to be funky. And psychedelic and bitchin’ too. 8pm • $25 to $45 • 21+.

Show Up!: Sunday

Chatter’s David Felberg courtesy of the artist
If you are thinking it’s Sunday and so you are done, then no. After all those funky, rockalicious antics—generated in part by your attendance at the previously previewed incarnations of the local scene—you can continue on a most delightful aural adventure by checking out the local chamber music scene courtesy of Chatter ABQ, a purveyor of the classical, the modern and the avant garde. On Sunday, Jan. 13 at Las Puertas (1512 First Street NW) will present the work of current multi-cultural composer Gabriela Lena Frank, Postmodernist Meredith Monk and the inimitable Philip Glass—as interpreted by a quartet of local string players (David Felberg and Megan Holland on violin, violist Kim Fredenburgh and cellist James Holland) known for their crafty intensity. Plus, New Mexican cultural treasure VB Price (yeah his dad was Vincent) reads from his latest poetic compostitions. If it’s sunny and you listen, it may well be the beginning of a perfect Sunday. 10:30am • $5 to $15 • All-ages.

The Horned God, in nature.

George Clinton and P-Funk

Chatter’s David Felberg

courtesy of the artist

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