Show Up!: Albuquerque’s Left Brain Releases Solipsism

Albuquerque’s Left Brain Releases A New Album

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Left Brain—from left to right, John Allen, Giann Rubio, Michael Clifford—takes a break from recording Solipsism . (Ysidro Garcia)
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Since its formation in the fall of 2005, Left Brain‘s style has gone through various stages of development, from jam band to emotive heavy metal. With the release of its third album, Solipsism, the three-piece moved on to completely instrumental progressive metal compositions with strange time signatures.

"Sometimes life has that uncertainty or jaggedness to it," says bass player Michael Clifford—who also goes by his ’80s-style stage name “Dr. Thunda.” "You’re thrown for a loop, so sometimes our music brings that feeling."

Solipsism was recorded in Albuquerque at Sight 16 Studios by Sid Garcia. With drummer Giann Rubio (who lives in Miami) on the album, the band says this lineup is its best yet.

"Everybody likes the band now that we don’t have a singer," Clifford laughs.

"Yeah," agrees guitarist John Allen, "I think people are able to accept it more without somebody telling you what’s going on with the story of the music."

The members of Left Brain say there is a deep technical dimension to what they do. The band’s new release will be pressed in limited quantities, which will be free. The music will also be free to download, but in addition to complete songs, the band is offering raw tracks as well. So individual guitar, bass and drum parts will be available for sampling—something that’s semi-antithetical to solipsism, the idea that one’s self is all that exists … whoa.

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