Show Up!: “Fitter, Happier, More Productive”

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Robin Babb
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ÒFitter, Happier, More ProductiveÓ
Dani Neff of Megafauna (Courtesy of the artist)
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Who said you can’t have it all? Well, whoever it was, this week’s concert schedule proves them wrong. You’ve got a smorgasbord of punk, psych rock, folk and rap to select from for the next week, so for the love of all that’s holy, don’t squander your evenings reliving your childhood by watching the entire first season of “Animaniacs” on Netflix in one sitting. Save that for when you should be working!

But seriously. As awesome and accessible as the music scene is here in Albuquerque, you have no excuse to stay at home when there’s all this rad shit goin’ on. Put on your clean pants, show up and maybe buy me a drink while you’re at it, you cheapskate.

Show Up!: Friday

This Friday night, get ready to have your face melted. The Austin-based rock trio Megafauna has been just under the radar of indie rock fame for years, winning critical love with their 2014 album, Maximalist, and touring all over the country. They’ve proved their mettle in the brutally competitive Austin music scene, with frontwoman Dani Neff even earning the Austin Chronicle’s “Best Austin Musician: Electric Guitar” title in 2012. The Megafauna sound, which flirts between math rock and sludgy stoner metal, is defined mostly by Neff’s multi-genre guitar prowess and her trippy, poetic lyrics. Think The Breeders with a little more Kurt Cobain and a lot more psychedelic drugs. Megafauna is currently on tour for their fourth album, Welcome Home, which comes out May 27. The two singles released earlier this year, “Desire” and “Panpsychist,” feature plenty of Neff’s pedalboard wizardry and blistering guitar solos, promising good things. They’ll be playing tunes from the new album and selling advanced vinyl and CDs on this tour, so make sure to stop by the merch table. Megafauna headlines at Sister (407 Central NW) on Friday, May 20. Also playing are Red Light Cameras and Leeches of Lore. This 21+ show starts at 9pm.

Show Up!: Friday Part Ii

If you’re in more of a hip-hop and less of a psych rock mood on Friday night, you can head over to Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) to see Aesop Rock, the stage name of Ian Matthias Bavitz. The not-so-underground rapper and producer is on tour for his newly released LP The Impossible Kid, his seventh album and his second with indie rap label Rhymesayers Entertainment. This album shows Bavitz opening up and bringing some of his famously abstract lyrics into the realm of understandability, while also showing off his skills as a producer. It’s an intimate glimpse into Bavitz’ personal life: following his breakup, his depression over the death of a close friend, and his move away from San Francisco and into a secluded cabin in the Oregon woods. But the new album still resonates with the high-strung energy that makes AR shows so damn fun. You can hear some gems from the new album such as “Blood Sandwich” and “Dorks,” along with some older hits from the MC’s decades-long career. The opening acts are Rob Sonic and DJ Zone. This all ages (13+) show goes down on Friday, May 20, doors at 8pm and tickets cost $20.

Show Up!: Saturday

Jill Cohn Tori Eske
On Saturday, mellow out with Seattle folk singer-songwriter Jill Cohn at Solid Grounds Coffee House (4601 Juan Tabo NE). Cohn is currently touring for her new album Heartstrings Touching Ground—a lovely collection of acoustic ballads that tug at the titular heartstrings. “Yellow Rose,” her heartbreaking song about the blue collar struggle to make ends meet post-housing crisis, is particularly worth hearing live, as is her cover of Roy Orbison’s “California Blue.” You can catch Jill Cohn’s set on Saturday, May 21, at 7pm—and then again at Rio Bravo Brewing on Thursday, May 26, from 4-6pm. These all-ages shows are free.

Show Up!: Saturday Part Ii

Rebilt are OG punk rockers from Albuquerque Courtesy of the artist
Rebilt are an Albuquerque mainstay—though you may not know them. The Burque punk band has been playing together since 2000, working day jobs and raising families in the 505 while they’ve been keeping the punk spirit alive in local venues. Saturday night is both their 16 year anniversary show and celebration of drummer Rik the Tik’s birthday. Rebilt will be playing with a host of notable Burque musical mainstays on Saturday night, May 21, at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW), so go support your local bands and get a little rowdy, why dontcha. Opening bands include the legendary Beefcake In Chains featuring the evil admonitions of Steve Eiland, Dead On Point 5, Kimo, 5 O’Clock Revolution and MUSNTTOUCHIT. The gig starts early at 6pm and continues until 1am. It’s just $5 to get into this 21+ rock fest.

Show Up!: Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 24, rapper, producer and record label head Aaron Dontez Yates, AKA Tech N9ne—currently on his Independent Powerhouse tour, following November’s release of his collaboration album STRANGEULATION VOL. II—is playing at Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW). The Tech N9ne recording empire is bringing along a few artists from his label on his extensive US tour, including Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Mayday, Stevie Stone and Ces Cru. That’s a full van. The venue opens at 7pm and $35 gets you through the doors.
Dani Neff

Jill Cohn

Tori Eske

Rebilt are OG punk rockers from Albuquerque

Courtesy of the artist

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