Show Up!: Five Fab Flavas

Burque’s Diversity Is Dialed!

August March
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Five Fab Flavas
Glitter Dick (courtesy of the artist)
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“I jumped in the river, what did I see?/ Black-eyed angels swam with me/ A moon full of stars and astral cars/ And all the figures I used to see/ All my lovers were there with me/ All my past and futures/ And we all went to heaven in a little row boat/ There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt.”—“Pyramid Song” by Radiohead.

I’m afraid it’s going to be one allusion after another this week, the concert scene is just that good and that diverse. Of course the situation with all the
chido live music in these parts reminded me of a scene from the video for “Paranoid Android” where our dear protagonist—wearing an “R” cap y todo—is taken for ride by a friendly angel in a helicopter who shows that mortal all sorta cool shit. That led me to this later composition, which also mentions angels whilst also rambling on and on about engaging the sublime. I’m convinced that’s how one should approach the shows coming up this week, all beatifically and so forth. Of course, there’s nothing to fear or doubt, so let’s go, already, my astral car awaits.

Show Up!: Thursday

Charles McPherson courtesy of the artist
The New Mexico Jazz Festival continues its 2018 Albuquerque residency at the Oupost Performance Space (210 Yale Blvd. SE) on Thursday, July 26 with a performance by jazz heavyweight, saxophonist Charles McPherson. Besides having the historical tendency to sit in with Charles Mingus when he was feeling particularly entranced by be bop, McPherson has been a huge influence on the post-bop world, working in large and Latin-influenced ensembles too. The Charles McPherson Quartet, which will be doing all the playing that night and features Jeb Patton on piano, David Wong on bass and Chuck McPherson handling the drums, is rooted in the classic saxman’s formidable study of bop, displaying a def groove that is easy on the ears yet impossible to forget. 8pm • $30 to $35 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Friday

Ryan McGarvey courtesy of the artist
As long as there has been an Albuquerque, but really not commencing until the advent of rocanrol in these parts during the years following WWII, when all sorta humans moved out here to get work designing, building or just thinking about the atom bomb, there have been great guitarists in this very vicinity. Glen Campbell, Larry Longmire, Gordy Andersen and Eric McFadden come to mind of course, but don’t count out Ryan McGarvey, even if he is out of town frequently, playing in totally fucking rad places like the Piano Musiktheater in Dortmund, Germany, or Oxford’s Haven Club. The perennially Alibi BoB-winning axe master returns to his roots on Friday, July 27 when McGarvey’s trio jams under the bandstand at the ABQ BioPark (903 10th Street SW), as part of the illustrious Zoo Music Series 2018. Slowhand digs this dude and so should you. 6pm • $6 to $12 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Saturday

Surfy yet metallic, saucy and unfortunately short-lived, horror-show glam rockers and minions of Satan (I’m certain about that first part, not so much of the second contention, though the videos I have watched seemed like they might have been made by someone with connections to the occult) Glitter Dick will perform a one-time only reunion recital on Saturday, July 28 at Burque’s home for vintage video games, brunch lovers and all things hipster, rocanrol included, Sister (407 Central Ave. SW). I asked a member of the band to tell me more about where the real essence of this outfit could be found and the dude replied, “Don’t worry about the rumors: handing out acid, being banned from clubs, getting protested by religious extremists, sued by Slayer and Richard Simmons, etc … it’s punk nihilism at its best.” Sounds like fun, eh, viejos? Plus, bring a canned food or clothing donation for charity; a “Communism Box” will be on site to collect donations in exchange for exclusive free merch. 9pm • $8 to $10 • 21+.

Show Up!: Sunday

A Chatter ABQ concert at Las Puertas
Okay, so sell your suit and tie and come and live with me. Not really, but do take some time out from all that rock and rolling, dearie. They have classical music on Sundays you know, right? And of course, Chatter ABQ is the place to be as far as experiencing the sublime goes. This weekend the innovative local arts music programmer presents a concert featuring the music of Charles Ives, perhaps the first great American Modernist composer. His work is dense and often poly-tonal telling many musical stories in sequence or as contrapuntal elements. Though his lush, discursive and complex work was little regarded in his lifetime, over the years it’s gained much credence. On Sunday, July 29 join members of Chatter (pianist Emanuele Arciuli, flautist Jesse Tatum and violist Kim Fredenburgh) at Las Puertas (1512 First Street NW) for a rousing performance of one of Ive’s most acclaimed works, The Concord Sonata, a work that the composer said was his “impression of the spirit of transcendentalism.” It’s heady but hugely listenable. Members of the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Team will get down before the music begins. 10:30am • $5 to $15 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Tuesday

The Grouch and Eligh courtesy of the artist
Although it has been suggested by academics and authorities in the field that underground hip-hop has no sonic unifers—I mean try and compare Army of The Pharaohs to Aesop Rock or Dialated Peoples—it’s precisely that sort of postmodern polymorphism that makes such joy out of listening to the genre. Apparently that freaky style is even more fun this time of year, when accompanied by the official accouterments of summer, stuff like psychedelic colors, a VW Microbus, a huge sound system and traditional beach attire. At least that’s true according to the poster for the The Grouch and Eligh gig going off at Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW) on Tuesday, July 31 as part of the Summer Thrilla Tour. Listeners can be assured that their attendance will qualify as a cool July action-oriented activity. After all, you can dance your ass off to mystically meaningful, graciously groovy tunes like “Dr. No” or this year’s surprise slammer, “Pain on the Break.” I’m so there. 8pm • $20 • 13+.
Five Fab Flavas

Charles McPherson

courtesy of the artist

Ryan McGarvey

courtesy of the artist

A Chatter ABQ concert at Las Puertas

The Grouch and Eligh

courtesy of the artist

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