Show Up!: Glitter Glam Gays In Space

The First-Ever Alibi Pride Party: We're Taking Pride To Another Planet!

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Glitter Glam Gays in Space
The New York Dolls and their platform boots.
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With modern-day frights like asteroids, the plague, supervolcanoes, the bomb, sea pirates and Snuggies, the time is right to toss one’s cares aside and indulge in the velvety, shimmering pleasures of the universe. In the ’70s, androgynous, first-wave glam acts such as T. Rex, Sweet, Slade, Ziggy Stardust and the New York Dolls developed a proto-punk/heavy metal franken-rock that flew its Moog-tinged spaceship to the outer reaches of raunchy hedonism and glittery artifice. While much of the resulting music is fabulous now-classic rock, the theater behind the highly conceptual movement is almost more interesting. Glam rock incorporated sci-fi themes, sexual ambiguity, absurd makeup and silver platform boots. Behold: The results were sexy.

On Wednesday, June 10, your alien-obsessed and sexually ambiguous friends at the
Weekly Alibi will host the Space Glam Dance Party, a pre-Pride charity event for Equality New Mexico. Everyone is invited to celebrate sexual freedom in the outer limits at Imbibe (3101 Central NE) from 8 p.m. (hear that, early risers) to close. The newly crowned Miss NM Pride will be there for photos and autographs. DJ Eve and yours truly (from Thursday’s The Universal at Burt’s Tiki Lounge) will be ballroom blitzing favorite glam, disco and electro tracks. What’s more, the five cubit cover ($5) includes a free drink ticket until we run out of the 150-or-so we have, plus there will be door prizes and raffles. Attendees are encouraged to wear their glitteriest, glamiest costumes and, of course, their dancing shoes. Platform boots welcome.

The Alibi’s Space Glam Dance Party is Wednesday, June 10, at Imbibe (3101 Central NE). A $5 cover benefits Equality New Mexico. Earthlings 21-and-over only.

Glitter Glam Gays in Space

The pretty, pretty ladies of The New York Dolls.

Glitter Glam Gays in Space

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust.

Glitter Glam Gays in Space

Slade: Probably the least pretty of the glam bands.

Glitter Glam Gays in Space

The Rocky Horror Picture Show put glam on the silver screen.

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