Show Up!: He Wore His Passion For His Music

Like A Thorny Crown

August March
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He Wore His Passion for His Music
Red Mesa (courtesy of the artist)
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“God only knows/ God makes his plan/ The information’s unavailable/ To the mortal man/ We work our jobs/ Collect our pay/ Believe we’re gliding down the highway/ When in fact we’re slip slidin’ away/ Slip slidin’ away/ Slip slidin’ away/ You know the nearer your destination/ The more you’re slip slidin’ away.” A song by Paul Simon, used to express grief at the loss of a fellow traveler.

When you are done grieving, or at least have reckoned with it, there is always music. Though ofttimes classified as an ephemeral experience, music is composed of electromagnetic waves, a physical phenomena that manifests naturally, as if to surf the aether forever. So there is a record of all music made, somewhere, pulsing through vasty space toward this or that quasar. If that is only of maudlin comfort, then be of good cheer: The shows this week guarantee a seat in that arena with an infinite view.

Show Up!: Friday

The Talking Hours courtesy of the artist
I am writing this as I preview the new Red Mesa record, The Devil and the Desert, which was released at the beginning of the month, but now will be properly feted—along with the brilliant brujos del malpais that created this veritable behemoth of sound—at Launchpad (618 Central Ave. NW) on Friday, June 15. Although this work loosely ascribes to the epic stoner rock sensibility being currently touted as a solution to hip-hop’s ascendancy, Brad Frye’s vision goes far beyond those dark yet ultimately normative bounds. Inflected with touches of countrified flavor and long instrumental stretches that recall massive melodic attacks by upper echelon jam bands, the band’s new work demands attention and may be performed live at this very show. Support for this very decent scene comes from Earthride (!) outta Maryland and featuring Spirit Caravan’s Dave Sherman. Local lunar lexicographers The Talking Hours and reservation mystery shoegaze saints Lilith open. 8pm • $8 to $10 • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

12 Step Rebels
At the height of its power en el Burque in the aughts, psychobilly was totally a huge part of the scene and bands like 12 Step Rebels led the way. The rockabilly subgenre itself has seemingly drifted out to sea on a national and a regional level—we sure as hell miss the Rockabilly on the Route Festival, but on the other hand, drive to Tucumcari? Chale, güey. Anyway, you can get your fill of the good stuff, el modelo autentico, as it were, when 12 Step Rebels make a much needed appearance at Hesher central, otherwise known as the Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW), on Saturday, June 16. These raved-out contrarians will be supported by an outfit known as Cursed Bastards, a transgressive trio outta Oxnard in Califas that features members with names like Ratz, Puke and YoungBlood. Local skankers Ugly Girl and Subtle Knife begin the evenings cruise toward kustom kulture. 9pm • $8 • 21+

Show Up!: Sunday

Image courtesy of Daystar Productions
Take a night away from live music and visit, the internet archive, a place where all of your dreams can come true, es la neta. Choose community audio; under media type, choose audio, then pick a year randomly. I choose 1968 and then listened to a recording of The Doors live in Stockholm. Damn, this place has everything.

Show Up!: Tuesday

Liquid Assassin courtesy of the artist
Cardell Toombs is a rapper who goes by the moniker Liquid Assassin. He’s from the Midwest, has migrated west to the Rocky Mountains and makes a flow that can be massively, if terrifyingly, appreciated on the rapper’s new album, Koba. The flava is strictly hardcore and comes to listeners via the vernacular made popular by white rappers like Eminem. But the ultimate output here isn’t about life experience or the implied horror of responsibility, but rather the case is murder itself, and LA rides his horrorcore influence to its exhausted end before declaring that his flow is “Liquid, Buddy.” It’s a decent jam if you can get past the pretense. Liquid Assassin will be sharing this tour’s raptastic duties with Statik G, another cat who seems to be enjoying the lasting effects of Eminem’s influence whilst rapping about death and shit. These dudes will be crunkin’ it at the Jam Spot (417 Central Ave. NW) on Tuesday, June 19. They are there in coordination with a grip of other hardcore hip-hop kings, such as Spunky Illa, Cannibis Klown and Krazie Klowns, so do go; it’ll be just like the final scene in “A Painful Case,” you know, from Dubliners, yo. 7:30pm • $10 • All-ages (13+).
Red Mesa

courtesy of the artist

The Talking Hours

courtesy of the artist

12 Step Rebels

Image courtesy of Daystar Productions

Liquid Assassin

courtesy of the artist

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