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So Don’t Leave Me Alone

August March
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IÕm On Concerts!
silver String Band (Courtesy of the artist)
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“So, let me set the scene/ It’s 2 in the afternoon and 34 degrees/ The Queensland harsh summer heat/ Had me sweating buckets up and down my street/ It was there I spotted the bloke/ Perched atop of his milk crate throne/ He eyed me off as I approached/ Then he said/ I’m on smoko, so leave me alone!” Some prescient words from the punk rock youth of Australia, circa 2018.

I got a call the other day. It was someone or other asking about what sort of qualifications led to my appointment as
Weekly Alibi music editor a few years back. This is what I said: I listen to music all of the time and base my life on the premise that I won’t really be done here on planet Earth until I am totally unable to find cool stuff to listen to.

Case in point: I was surfing Youtube the other day, depressed about some health issues and nearly feeling despair when I ran into the video for the song referenced above. In case you wanna know, it’s called “Smoko,” and it’s by The Chats, a totally new, totally wild new punk rock band outta Queensland, Australia. Not only did hearing the song elevate my mood, but it reminded me of my
raison d’etre. Listening to new music and then telling the world about it makes me happy.

Therefore, let my motto, and more importantly, the motto of a trio of flaming punks from down under be a motivator. Here and there and in Albuquerque, your grandest dreams can come true, if only you go out and listen for them.

Show Up!: Friday

Silver String Band Courtesy of the artist
Albuquerque is known for it’s keen Americana-style bands. From The Handsome Family and Pawn Drive to The Porter Draw, I reckon this town has some of the most powerful and plaintive crafters of American folk music melded with rootsy rock overtones west of the Pecos River. Of course Tejas is another story but we’ll let that go for now, seeing as how the Silver String Band and special guests Dave Payne and Salt Cedar is celebrating the former’s upcoming album release in style on Friday, March 16 at Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale Blvd. SE). The Silver String band features the virtuostic violin-istic emanations of Emily Anslover, backed by heady, humble and hellacious musicians including bassist Paul Hunton, Mandolin player Jacob Chavez, guitarist Kyle Malone and banjo master Lars Olsen. Together this cray quintet fashions tunes both terrific and tuneful. The opening act is renowned for their countrypolitan musings, and Payne always brings it with his tales of trouble and triumph. 6pm • $15 (includes a copy of the new album!) • All-ages.

Show Up!: Saturday Part I

Los Metamorfos Courtesy of the artist
It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, by gum, and boyo do I want you to celebrate. Keep in mind that doing so doesn’t necessarily involve quaffing copious amounts of green beer whilst listening to cover bands at this or that tent parked in the Uptown area. In fact concert-goers can have an authentic St. Patrick’s Day experience by visiting ShamRock Fest on Saturday, March 17. It’s all happening at the Anderson-Abruzzo Balloon Museum (9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE). And I do mean happening. Besides food booths, a crafts fair and poetry readings from some of this burg’s great Irish-Americans (I’m talking Don McIver and Bill Nevins, for Crissakes!) while fiddler extraordinaire Emily Anslover jams with her family band! Additionally, multi-cultural jam band Los Metamorfos perform a set, and get this, Moonshine Blind, the premiere rockabilly band in Burque, is headlining the event. I highly suggest you head out to this one folks, it’ll be, like, the pot of gold—or at least the cauldron of bubble and squeak—at the end of the rainbow, guaranteed. 11am to 6pm • $6 to $10 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Saturday Part Ii

Shrewd Courtesy of the artist
When you are done exploring the folk scene though emerald green glasses during the daytime, take a trip Downtown to experience the same holiday through the Ray-Ban realized eyes (’cause punk rockers always wear Ray-Bans, que, no?) of our local punk rock scene. Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW) is the site of St. Punktrick’s Day, a concert featuring such heavy hitters and mosh-pit inducers like Cobra vs. Mongoose, The Dying Beds, Shitty and the Terribles, Shrewd and Ugly Girl. Legendary Burque sleaze-rock shaman Steve Eiland, fronting the equally and pleasantly insane ensemble BeefCake in Chains is also slated to make an appearance; openers Fire To The Rescue, Doomed to Exist, Subtle Knife and The Uncircumcised are guaranteed to get your green blood boiling, Blazes Boylan style, kiddos. Don’t forget to ask Steve about the leprechaun he hides in his pants, either! 8pm • $5 to $7 • 21+.

Show Up!: Monday

Toothbone Courtesy of the artist
Take Sunday off, why don’t cha lads and lassies, so that you have the nerve and the energy to check out what the infamous Sister (407 Central Ave. NW) has in store for listeners on Monday, March 19. In case you wanna know, that’s when local rock gods the Timewreckers are sponsoring a concert featuring regional rocanrol favorites. Those bands include Toothbone, a trio of improvisatory minded young men with jazz hands from Portlandia who happen to excel at original rock riffage. Their new eponymous album, produced by Riley Geare of Unknown Mortal Orchestra is coming down the chutes as I write this! Also on hand: Jangly chillwave bedroom rockers Delia Haunt, from Denton in Tejas. Dig their tuneage at bandcamp and be sure to check out dream-rock masterpieces like “Take the Shape (of your luvr)” and “Falling Off De Wave.” Oh and Santa Fe’s jazzy ministers of pop-soul Trashcat begin the night’s post-Patrick’s Day provocations, so you oughta go, “smoko” and all! 8pm • $5 • 21+.

Silver String Band

Courtesy of the artist

Los Metamorfos

Courtesy of the artist


Courtesy of the artist


Courtesy of the artist

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