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August March
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Master of Concerts!
Pope YesYesYall (courtesy of the artist)
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Okay. This is the part of the column where I usually let loose with some textual reduction of this or that rocanrol song, all in the hopes of somehow enticing you, the typical Alibi reader, to go out and see some local shows.

The problem with Metallica, and sorry if you don’t agree, is that the dudes aren’t what one would call masterful lyricists. Sure the part about “breakfast on a mirror” is high-larious, but generally speaking their flow is an awkward one. Thanks be to Thelema that they can handle their instruments in a vigorous way. Awesome, right? Just ask Dave Mustaine.

Anywho I decided to dispense with this week’s lyrics for the aforementioned reasons plus the fact that the words to “Master of Puppets” are so sad and lonesome, dang it. Now, you don’t wanna think about all that dreary existential rot while you’re on the way out the door to what may prove to be one of the greatest local gigs ever, amirite?

I knew that, but I still sorta like the idea: Becoming a master of anything means practice and dedication, a thing listeners can achieve, then, by attending show after mind-blowing show.

With that said, here are this week’s opportunities to rock out. Master them if you dare.

Show Up!: Friday

I am totally psyched that Five Mile Float is getting gigs in Burque’s clubland. The able quartet will be gigging at Moonlight Lounge (120 Central Ave. SW) on Friday, Feb. 15.

Why, just about four years ago, I referred to this rock ensemble as a cadre of
wunderkind. Now that they’re old enough to hit the adult rock circuit (goodbye youth, goodbye good old Jamspot and hello loud, drunken but appreciative crowds) I am sure that they are going to slay in a way that some of their peers have only dreamt. The pop fabulism of songs like “A Summer of George” “The Nomad”—including minor key turns, deftly quirky hooks and super-solid bridges—reveal a local indie rock band whose brilliance might not have been realized if not for a dedicated fan base and the subtle influence of rockers from the before time, like Carl Petersen.

They’ll be kickin’ it with
The Holy Knives a brotherly duo composed of Kyle and Kody Valentine. They are outta San Antonio and come with a sultry, twangy west Texas sound that draws on the inherent psychedelia of the desert for its sonic power. Their latest album, Year of the Black Dog, dropped last November.

Ceremonies, a shoegazing, dream-pop making trio from right here in Burque, fill out this bill that might be otherwise dubbed The Coming Race. 9pm • $5 • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

Trumpeter Ryan Montaño has worked diligently to get to where he is. Renowned as on one of the finest horn players in El Burque and well beyond, Montaño’s career blossomed as he took on smooth jazz and then composition, bringing substance and vibrancy to a genre that many are content to use as a demonstration of facility at the expense of passionate expression. The jazzman responsible for cracking the lid on the top 40 jazz gold mine once only accessible to certain Los Angelenos will perform on Saturday, Feb. 16 at the Barelas Event Center (907 Fourth Street SW).

Weekly Alibi recently asked Montaño about his latest work and he told us about his new album Truth Journey, which dropped in December, saying, “what I was finding was that commercial jazz has a really strict formula that determines whether it gets played or not. I found that my songwriting and what I was doing as an instrumentalist was starting to be structured around that format. I began to wonder what could take me to the next level of getting known. I went through a period of trying to determine exactly what I was trying to do musically. I started writing a lot of songs, with my friends and by myself at the piano. What I like about this album is that it encompasses that spectrum [of exploration]. It really comes from the heart. Some of it has that commercial sound, but it is all part of my musical journey of truth!

Sounds to me like you ought to show up! 7pm • $20 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Sunday Part I

One of the ways to tell that spring is in the air, in this part of the Southwest anyway, is to wait for a concert by The Reverend Horton Heat to come into view. Well, here it is, folks. Those acclaimed psychobilly priests of all that is hot and rocking will be playing Sister (407 Central Ave. SW) on Sunday, Feb. 17.

Composed of Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath, bassist Jimbo Wallace and a revolving coterie of cray players like Arjuna Contreras, Matt Jordan and Diego Randall, the band brings a swinging, ebullient energy that mimics spring using a slick combination of surf sounds, rocking ’50s conceits, big band shenanigans and the blistering fret work of the Reverend himself.

These dudes have been at it since they debuted in Deep Ellum back in the mid-’80s and bring a cool credibility to every show they make happen. Though they are primarily known as a live band, early Sub Pop and Interscope records like
Liquor in the Front and It’s Martini Time say these fellows mean business. Rock business that is. Swinger sounding legends Big Sandy, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Delta Bombers complete the scene. Going to this gig is as close as you’re gonna get to springtime in February, dang it, so dust off your dancing boots, jump into your favorite Mopar super stock and head toward the bar with the best booking agent in Burque. 7pm • $25 • 21+.

Show Up!: Sunday Part Ii

Having not heard a peep from the forces of EDM of late, local music critic August March was about to become danged despondent until he heard that Hippie Sabotage, a duo of electro-wizards from out of Califas will be performing at the Sunshine Theater (120 Central Ave. SW) on Sunday, February 17. Comprised of the brothers Saurer (Kevin and Jeff), Hippie Sabotage has made a career of making fabulous remixes, mostly of the work of Tove Lo, a darkwave Swede, and Ellie Goulding, a singer-songwriter from outta Old Blighty.

With a sound that’s sprightly, spooky and just about as laconically guitar-infused as anything in the EDM groove right now (Viz.: “Righteous,”) the work of Hippie Sabotage is indeed very much anti-hippie, vibe wise. But you didn’t need that long skirt and load of precious beads to dance anyway, did you? Substitute some sounds that bring memories of the sea into reach, throw in some longing and just enough autotune to prevent old-time ravers for reaching for the vapor rub tube, and yeah, this is the next level, kidz. Although I could always do with less autotune. Anywho, put your JNCOs on and give this show a go. 7pm • $25 • All-ages (13+).

Show Up!: Monday

Lemme see about that: “Yes, Yes, Y’all” is part of a longish, party-positive phrase that’s been used in hip-hop, mostly by MCs, since the early days of the form. Though there is some contention as to the actual source, many attribute it to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in a flow called “Superrappin.” Spoonie Gee and Rahim used the term early on too, before folks like Aesop Rock, Mos Def and Los Beastie Boys made generous references to the phrase and its totally fun consequences.

Now and today,
mijos y mijas, it’s the name of a rapper here in the Burkes, too. Pope YesYesYall will bring his history-coated and super-silvery spit to Sister (407 Central Ave. NW) on Monday, Feb. 18. According to the press release I was just handed, dude is “coming back to Earf to give the good people of Albuquerque some classic hip-hop vibes full of intergalactic fun!” That sounds like more thrills than seeking out a super-secret sauce recipe whilst driving around in a Jaguar XKE. For realz.

The Pope will be joined by
DJ Flo Fader and A. Billi Free, whom I’m told will be “bringing future soul in new dimensions.” This show sounds most excellent: You know what to do, homes, it don’t ever stop. 8pm • $5 • 21+.
Pope YesYesYall

courtesy of the artist

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