Show Up! Meet Electro Duo Monster Paws

Champagne Bike Rides And Caviar Dreams

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Meet Monster Paws
Monster Paws performs in the future. (Crystal Sims)
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Together they host Baby Ketten Karaoke at Nob Hill Bar and Grill and Atomic Cantina, and now Nate Santa Maria ( The Oktober People, Excalico) and Isaac Kappy (“Time Cougars,” that guy with the afro who you see all over the place) also have a Moog-y act called Monster Paws. While the duo performs publicly for the first time this week at the Craft Punk Fashion Show, Monster Paws tracks—offering such titles as “The Helicopter Song,” “Exercise Machine” and “Champagne Bike Ride”—are already available “early for your earlets” on the band’s website. Below, by e-mail, Santa Maria makes us more familiar with his new project.

When did Monster Paws form and why?

We formed eight months ago when we realized we wanted to sell a billion records.

What kind of music is it?

Umm, sounds like you’re winning something. Indie-electro with lots of harmony and robots. It’s like if Animal Collective and Daft Punk had a party, then Hall & Oates showed up with ELO and they had a four-way.

Can you describe your look?

Isaac has big hair, I have small hair. I like black shoes, Isaac likes white shoes. I guess to describe our look right now in one word it would be "confusion."

What is the ultimate goal of Monster Paws?

To bring the world together in perfect harmony.

What do you want people to know?

Basic math skills and spelling. Also, experience with Excel and PowerPoint. Oh yeah, they should also know we’re cheeky bastards. And that their cars have blinkers for a reason.
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