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Don’t Let The Scene Become An Illusion To You Now

August March
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(Morgan Butt)
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“She lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe/ ‘I thought you’d never say hello,’ she said/ ‘You look like the silent type.’/ Then she opened up a book of poems/ And handed it to me/ Written by an Italian poet/ From the 13th century/ And every one of them words rang true/ And glowed like burning coal/ Pouring off of every page/ Like it was written in my soul/ From me to you/ Tangled up in blue” —“Tangled Up in Blue,” by Bob Dylan

A summary of this summery week might go like this: Temperatures in the low 100s; outrages committed by the Trump administration and its ministers are met with sadness, perplexity and ultimately resistance. The countdown to the November election can be heard in the background, in the beating of hearts transformed into action by the heat of the sun and the essential gravitas of the moment.

Meanwhile, there are a heap of great shows coming up. They might not solve the ethical and political problems haunting our democracy right now, but be damn sure that they’ll give you the grease and grit necessary to do the right thing. You can get angry afterwards, but perhaps after listening to all this city has to offer during the weekend before Independence Day, maybe you’ll greet what awaits with determination and the joy deep down in your heart that comes from listening to your heart. Here’s hoping.

Show Up!: Thursday

In case you really want to hear about it, the term Electric Funeral refers to a song by Black Sabbath from their album Paranoid. It’s all about the after effects of a nuclear war and includes lyrics that indicate that in such circumstances, the rivers will turn to wood. Luckily that’s not to bound to happen anytime soon—the Rio Grande is more likely to surrender to dust. Electric Funeral is also the the name of an ongoing heavy metal celebration over at Sister (407 Central Ave. NW) whereby all sorts of Plutonic tuneage is presented for the delight and deviltry of local audiences. This Thursday, June 28, is no exception to the rule and a live band will close out the evening’s funeral rites with a set of heavy, heavy music. The always deadly Funerals, Swords and Souls closes the evening’s ritual. You’re doomed and your immortal soul is going straight to hell. DJ Caterwaul directs this Styx-borne passage, by the way. 8pm • FREE • 21+.

Show Up!: Friday

Red Light Cameras courtesy of the artist
Summer’s a thing, amirite? I mean everybody out there is hot and ripe to shed some clothing, throw their shoes at the sun and head for their favorite body of water—human-made or otherwise—to indulge in the best, most rocking season of them all, this year’s yet to come heavily shod winter be damned. After all that sol worship, why not head on Downtown, aprés pool-party, for a summer-style jam out and dance session at Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW) on Friday, June 29. That’s when Red Light Cameras, one of our city’s most popular and professional musical outfits plays a gig supported by some of the partying bands in this part of the northern hemisphere. Get down to the sounds of Sun June, Eileen and the In-Betweens, Glitter Vomit! and Sleepspent in the cool dark environs of Burque’s best rock club. For one low price, concert-goers can rock the fuck out, forget all about that nasty sun and concentrate on the things that matter, like how does one hide an umbilical hernia at poolside? 9pm • $7 • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

Jazzer Wendy Beach courtesy of the artist
Each year, the New Mexico Jazz Workshop presents a concert called “Women’s Voices” in which the jazz tradition in Burque is explored, extrapolated upon and ultimately driven toward an ecstatic response by local musicians whose gift with this sublime American art form is both expected and evocative. It’s expected because these are some of the best vocalists in town; in its presentation the yearly series evokes a set of actions and reactions that contain wonder, wisdom and a wide-ranging musicality that enchants. The offering for 2018 is entitled Sing the Town Red. Curated by long-time local jazzer Wendy Beach, this year’s event occurs at the Albuquerque Museum Amphitheater (2000 Mountain Rd. NW) and besides Beach, includes jazz scene luminaries like vocalists Abby Maxwell, Christine Fawson, Marietta Benevento and Toni Morgan. The band on the side sorta rocks too. I mean it includes bad-ass players such as Jim Ahrend on piano, Dimi Disanti playing the guitar, Colin Deuble blistering the bass, John Bartlit handling the sticks, percussionist Ricky Carrido, saxman Lee Taylor and trumpeter Christine Fawson. If you’re not there, it’s because you’re totally el siete. 7pm • $15 to $18 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Sunday

Gerunding courtesy of the artist
Ja, ja, I get it! Gerunding is totally like when you change something into the progressive present, como las letras que deletreanando” in my second-faovrite, but poorly realized idioma, Spanish. It’s also—like other things in this week’s columna—a term that has been appropriated by the stealthy, feel-good world of rocanrol. That’s right kids, Gerunding is the name of a band, a duet if you will (guitarist/vocalist Mag Kim and drummer Rachaella Ceniceros) from right here in Burke Town. Together they make music that occassionally feels like pop-inflected folk music that has been transformed by an electronic, albeit lo-fi process, into something grand yet hidden in plain sight, just like what’s happening now as the past progresses, homies! Such future seekers and their followers perform at Sister (407 Central Ave. NW) on Sunday, July 1. By followers I mean psyched out Tejana songstress Claire Morales and local but yet otherworldly impressario Austin Morrell. Morrell’s guitar work with Gusher is legendary; in the mean time he continues to shape the scene with his intense creativity and vision. I hearby predict that this show will be damn good. 8pm • $5 • 21+.
Tangled Up in Shows


Photo by Morgan Butt

Red Light Cameras

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Jazzer Wendy Beach

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