Show Up!: The Return Of Gatas Y Vatas

Diy Experimental Music Fest Happens Today, Friday And Saturday

Monica Demarco
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The Return of Gatas y Vatas
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There are some live music experiences that are so out-of-the-ordinary, so electric with energy, so unexpected that as ithey happen, you realize how lucky you are to be there. No grainy live video feed can capture these transformative musical moments; as you explain it to others clumsy words just can’t tell the depth of the experience.

This is what it is like to be a part of
Gatas y Vatas, whether on stage or in front of it. At previous Gatas y Vatas festivals, I have experienced amazing performances like hearing a woman create a landscape of sound by amplifying and controlling her own heartbeat or witnessing woman alone on stage creating an aural collage of ten second songs with only the tiniest of breaths between each. One year, our festival featured a woman creating a heart-wrenching song on cello which she looped to continue playing as she stood up and performed a powerful and graceful routine on trapeze. I even experienced my own tears falling from my cheeks as I sang and played upright bass.

What will you miss if you skip Gatas y Vatas this year?

Gatas y Vatas is a DIY experimental music festival that aims to help marginalized voices take the stage in a safe and inclusive environment.

It all happens Thursday, Oct. 12 from 6pm to midnight in Santa Fe at
Ghost (2889 Trades West Rd) and Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14 from 6pm to midnight in Albuquerque at Fusion Forum (708 First St NW). Come party with us!

Visit for more info and learn about our donation drive that can get you in FREE!

Oh, and rock on!
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