Show Up!: The Return Of The Giant Crawl Saturday, Sept. 9

It’s Gotta Be Rocanrol Music

August March
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The Return of the Giant Crawl
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I have no kick against modern jazz/ Unless they try to play it too darn fast/ And change the beauty of the melody/ Until it sounds just like a symphony/ That’s why I go for that rock ‘n’ roll music/ Any old way you choose it/ It’s got a back beat, you can’t lose it/ Any old time you use it/ It’s gotta be rock ‘n’ roll music/ If you wanna dance with me—“Rock And Roll Music,” by Chuck Berry.

Listen: As this week’s Show Up! is being written—by a a fictitious character who may be of any age or affiliation but who nonetheless totally digs the sounds of postmodern rocanrol—preparations are being made for
Fall Crawl 2017. The return of this event, on Saturday, Sept. 9, harkens back to other historic returns and the writer is damn sure that somewhere in the land of music and imagination, Odysseus is touching ground at Ithaca, glad to be back home and looking for a bit of a respite from the storms and debacles he faced out in the world of the wine-dark sea.

Fall Crawl, in other words, is a reason for celebration, a damn good chance to drop the gravitas from your presentation and get on with the biggest party this town has experienced all dang year.

There’re also some other music events going on this weekend, but as you lovingly check them out, seriously consider crawling Downtown this Saturday night for something truly special and über entertaining. You know where our heart will be, so untie yourselves from what ever mast binds you and jump ship to join us there for the party of a lifetime.

Show Up!: Friday

Tear Pressure Via Facebook
Well, heck, if you still like to rock out on Friday nights, but find yourself in a quandary because you wanna be well-rested for Fall Crawl 2017 (which happens on Saturday, in case you haven’t received and interpreted my previous clues and columnar considerations) then maybe the event at Hotel Andaluz (125 Second Street NW) is just the ticket you’re literally looking for with an abundance of concern. The Rock and Fashion Show is sponsored by Hopeless + Cause Atelier, two local fashion dynamos with their stilletoed feet on the runway and social justice in their hearts. And it starts/ends early, so you can be well-rested for the morrow (hint, hint). This benefit event helps local concerns like Dental Care in Your Home and Craft For Causes and features two of Burque’s most rocking bands, Red Light Cameras and Tear Pressure. The first band is practically famous and Tear Pressure is one of my local favorites, combining a slick sense of no bullshit no-wave with lots of layered, shoe-gaze-type instrumental nuances. Tickets for this all-ages, fashionably rocking extravaganza range from $10-35 and it all rolls out beginning at 6:15pm.

Show Up!: Saturday Part I

Ryan Montaño and the Salsa All Stars Courtesy of the artist
Saturday is Fall Crawl day, which also means it’s music day. Start the day off in the early morning (you’re well-rested, remember?) by jamming out to your very favorite tuneage, filling your day with music as it proceeds. It can totally be a saucy day, especially if you decide to attend the City of Albuquerque’s Salsa Fiesta, which is happening in the middle of historic Old Town on Saturday afternoon. This year’s headliners are Ryan Montaño and the Salsa All Stars. There will also be hot sets from other local acts including Trio Los Amigos, Ballet Folkórico Fiesta Mexicana, Picoso and Mariachi Tenampa. Montaño, a longtime Burqueño musico, told Weekly Alibi, “People should come to see this show because our goal as a unit is to deliver a musical presentation that is on par with any Latin music act in the nation. I get frustrated with musicians who say this is Albuquerque and nothing big can happen here. I believe you create your own opportunities and we’re doing this with the All Star ensemble.” Montaño’s group includes musical director Montaño on trumpet, lead vocalist D’anna Tesso, vocalist Lester Rodriguez, pianist Steve Figueroa, stick man Paul Palmer III, percussionist Ricky Carrido, bassist Colin Deuble and trumpeters Paul Gonzales and Ziggy Garcia. Salsa Fiesta is free to the public and begins at noon.

Show Up!: Saturday Part Ii (Fall Crawl!)

Chicharra Photo by Lisa Lou
Now as evening approaches, have a decent, carb-loaded pre-show meal at a place like the Frontier, don your sensible shoes and hang onto your hat, because it’s goddamn time for Fall Crawl. Formerly an autumnal tradition here in the Duke City, Fall Crawl is once again on the minds and in the ears of Alibi aficionados and hell, every human being in this city and the general vicinity interested in raising the roof and expanding the mind through intercourse (not that kind of intercourse, pendejo!) with some of this town’s beloved bands and best venues. On this year’s trip through town, all sorts of genres, genteel and otherwise will be awaiting your indulgence. In fact, 32 separate sonic ensembles will be performing; 8 venues are involved, so it’s a given that music will be god on the referenced evening. I can’t name all the bands here due to space limitations, but here’s what I’d check out if I wasn’t due to be on a flight to Planet Claire that very evening. Sister (407 Central NW) features hip-hop notables such as Wake Self and DJ Wae Fonky with a special appearance by the legendary Beefcake in Chains! Meanwhile Burt’s Tiki Lounge (515 Central NW) hosts chick headbangers Suspended and the very violent yet sublimely accomplished sounds of Constant Harmony. At Duel Brewing (606 Central) the talented lineup includes those hard-rocking hillbillies, Moonshine Blind. Electro-wiz and artistic visionary REIGHNBEAU is one of the acts gracing the stage at the Library (312 Central SW) while Launchpad (618 Central SW) will have to reckon with rock stars like The Big Spank and SuperGiant. Side Effex (420 Central) has a more intimate vibe; James Whiton and Cee Mo are two of the acts scheduled to appear there. At the historic KiMo Theater (423 Central NW) be prepared to take a bluesy, rootsy detour with outfits like ‘Merican Slang and the Silver String Band commanding the haunted stage therein. Mezcal Tequileria (622 Central SW) has my favorite band playing that night, yo. Chicharra, the glam-metal low-end indulging project of Monica and Marissa Demarco headline.

Now with bands like that—and props to the ones I didn’t mention because obviously everything that has to do with Fall Crawl is indeed holy—why the hell even think of doing anything else come Saturday night. In fact after reading through my own list, I’ve decided to forego my aforementioned interplanetary affair, just because I like to rock out. You can be there too for only $20 and a 21+ ID.
Pre-sale wristbands are available for only $15 until 4pm on the day of said Fall Crawl. The red hour begins at 7pm and proceeds to enjoin chaos, complexity and damn good times until about 2:00 the next morning. Yow!

Show Up!: Monday

D.R.I. Courtesy Beer City Skateboards/Records
Take it as a given that you’ll have to spend Sunday in repose, feigning unconsciousness, laying about the house or something similarly relaxing. That means the next available concert interface will occur on Monday, Sept. 11. For that day, may I recommend OG crossover thrashers D.R.I. They’ll be gigging at Launchpad (618 Central NW) in what promises to be a raucous, rocking and altogether satisfying show—if you don’t bust an arm or leg trying to survive the mosh pit that will invariably rise up when these fellows from H-Town jam the fuck out. D.R.I., if rocanrol enthusiasts recall, were among the first hardcore outfits to bridge the gap between the aforementioned genre and thrash-metal. In fact, their 1987 opus, Crossover is still the definitive record in a sea of sea-changes that overtook heavy metal and punk rock in the late ‘80s. The dudes can still bring it, too as their 2016 EP, But Wait… There’s More proved with sick and solid tuneage like “Couch Slouch” and “As Seen on TV.” So, metalheads, skate punks and anyone else who digs the loud, louche and thrashy, please do use your post-crawl appreciation of rocanrol music to visit with these awesome avatars of antic anthems. It’ll only cost ya $13. This rock recital is designed for 13+ humans with an ID proving such; the ritual begins at 7:30pm.
Alibi Fall Crawl

Tear Pressure

Via Facebook

Ryan Montaño and the Salsa All Stars

Courtesy of the artist


Photo by Lisa Lou


Courtesy Beer City Skateboards/Records

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