Show Up!: The Sweet Sounds Of Freedom

Four Phat And Fiery Sessions

August March
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The Sweet Sounds of Freedom
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“My life was empty, forever on a down/ Until you took me, showed me around/ My life is free now, my life is clear/ I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear/ Come on now, try it out/ Straight people don’t know, what you’re about/ They put you down and shut you out/ You gave to me a new belief/ And soon the world will love you sweet leaf.” – “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath, from the album Master of Reality.

While our totally far-out yet highly informative cannabis issue is smoking the competition at news outlets throughout land I thought it would be a damn good idea to bind the spirit of that issue to this week’s music column. Apparently, metal-heads dig the herb as much as hippies. Who knew? Anywho, be your own master of various realities; give the bong a rest, stash your medicinal access card for later and go to show. Sweet leaf may not be able to hear but one sincerely hopes you can.

Show Up!: Thursday

When the 1990s isn’t busy being a blur of bad-ass concert memories and foreign landscapes rattling through my Swiss cheese-like brain, I sometimes stop to think about what happened to this or that band. An example of this may be found in the annals of my own experience. The other night as I was nodding off after sampling something called “Citrus Kush” I began spontaneously singing “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows. It turns out this wasn’t a THC-fueled anomalous event, because—guess what—it turns out Adam Duritz and his band of merry men are preparing for a concert appearance at the Kiva Auditorium (401 Second Street NW) on Thursday, Sept. 17. Use this rare opportunity to relive the magic and majesty of a decade that brought for realz alternative rockers to the fore while burying others in a morass of mediocrity. Mostly known for blending Bay Area pop sensibilities with southern-style roots rock and a bluesy presentation, Counting Crows had something going on back then and probably still does. You can find out for yourself by paying between $45-85 for an evening that involves recovering the satellites in this desert life. Citizen Cope and Hollis Brown begin the evening’s descent into the decent at 6:30 pm.

Show Up!: Friday

When I’ve got the munchies, nothing does me a better solid than an order of sopaipillas from Los Cuates in Sandia Park (12540 N. Highway 14). That makes for a luxuriously fattening feast on the edge of the forest. Now I’m told this location of the fabled Nuevo Mexicano cuisine outlet has live music on offer too. What could be better, I ask, dear readers? Well on Friday, Sept. 18, it gets awesome when local rock roustabouts Badd Fish also make the menu. Comprised of Burque rock veterans guitarist/songwriter Mark LaCava, bluesy vocalist Gil Garcia and the formidable father/son rhythm section of Vic and Vic Maese, Badd Fish plays a brand of rocanrol that is danceable and densely articulated; it’s smokin’ homegrown flava hotter than the Christmas-style enchilada. Serio. Badd Fish takes the stage from 7pm until 10pm. The gig’s free and meant for all ages, but please remember to order a grande combination plate and think of me while doing so.

Show Up!: Friday Part 2/Saturday

The term “stoner rock” has been bandied about by rock writers and listeners for nearly two decades. Like the ascendance of hybridized, high-potency and craftily cultivated strains of genus Cannabis, the phrase comes straight outta Califas. And like many a cultural phenomena originating on the Left Coast—like skateboarding, dude—this subgenre of rocanrol spread like a thirsty weed through the rest of the west. Here in Burque, Leeches of Lore grew out of the desert with a fecund ferocity that is radically rambunctious yet scathingly sublime. They’ll be performing a two-night record release party at Sister (407 Central NW) on Friday, Sept. 18, and Saturday, Sept. 19. Each night features different sets exploring the musical mystery and maniacal methodology of Steve Hammond, Andy Lutz and Noah Wolters. On Friday Leeches will appear with a big band (the Leeches of Lorchestra) augmenting their bizarre metallic vision. The next evening, the band performs Motel of Infinity in its entirety. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to this quintessential example of the aforementioned musical style, then check out opening track “Radium Jaws” or closer “Jeep Marmalade”—but only if you want your mind to be irrevocably bent and then blown into the great beyond. Lionhead Bunny and Bloom make opening appearances Friday, while Raven Chacon, DJ Rygar and Toshi Kasai guest and ghost dance on Saturday. Showtime for this 21+ trip to a desert-like realm where big, green plants blossom beneath an inordinately bright moon is at 8pm both nights.

Show Up!: Sunday

Psychedelia goes together with cannabis in a fashion similar to that of chocolate and peanut butter, sabes? In fact it’s difficult to come up with verbiage that accurately describes that particular cosmic connection. But with those tasty analogies planted firmly and fruitfully in mind, check out Duke City Sound Stage (2013 Ridgecrest SE) on Sunday Sept. 20. A concert by Springfield, Mo. post-rock experimentalists Longweirdword will gleefully elucidate the link between psyched out tuneage, smoked out mental states and proper wording for otherwise indescribable experiences. A trio comprised of Timothy Labrie (drums/vocals), Paul Spencer Nix (guitar/vocals) and Trae Coker (guitar/vocals), these midwestern mind-melters bring the power and gravitas of songs like “The Which Than Which There is No Whicher” to the fore with a focus on jangly, ambient strings, restless rhythms and searchingly plaintive vocalizations. Deja Vu Again, Ghost Movement and Rhythm Punch open. This all-ages introduction to perceptive portals begins at 7pm. For only $5 bucks it’ll be a helluva a way to test out those fancy flavors found in freakville.

Show Up!:

Besides the heady nugs referenced above, there’s still a phat bag of other concerts available for your indulgence this coming week. Since it’s practically impossible to speak to all of them with the glory each deserves, I highly suggest you load up by perusing our fantastic music calendar. Whatever strain you choose, the scene around here makes it possible to blaze away for days at at time. So fire it up mang and make your life free, clear and all right now.
Leeches of Lore and Longweirdword

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