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August March
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Suspended (courtesy of the artist)
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“You bent the edge, eclipsed and turned around, aligning/ And though the dark, sparked rays of violet light, blinding/ I went about the job of sowing thoughts and feelings/ Oh some were good, some bad, I felt the cries of healing/ ’Cause tried and true, I see the light in you/ Oh can you dig in my soul, could you smell my whole life?”—“Tried and True” by Ween.

Okay, just so you know, last week I changed all kinda important things in my life, but I let the music be. Here are my examples of springtime change: I moved Downtown into a little bungalow with my wife, forever foresaking our suburbanite pretensions so that we could be what we really are, which turns out to be something freaky and musical. I tossed out most of my parents’ belongings—I kept the piano, some records and my father’s books—as well as a heap of ill-fitting clothes that were more apt for a clerk or a teacher than for a music critic. I’m happier now because of this sea-change; I like those big waves and shudder to think I was once afeared of the rivulets and raindrops that comprised my life. That said, I hope to see you all at any number of excellent shows happening this week and in the future. Onward, as someone said, onward through time and space!

Show Up!: Friday

Suspended courtesy of the artist
There is going to be a heavy metal concert in Albuquerque on Friday night, May 11 at Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW) and is it ever going to rock, fellow heshers and metalheads! If you are craving an opportunity to bang your head and display your horns wantonly and discursively, then this is your chance to do so. This is going to be a premier Plutonic presentation, so the mayor of Burque himself may be in the audience; quien sabes, carnales? Anywho, this delicious deadfall of a date features Goatwhore, a blackened death metal quintet outta NOLA that features albums like the always listenable but brain-beating Carving out the Eyes of God and the mind-melting Constricting Rage of the Merciless. With guitarist Sammy Duet and vocalist L. Ben Falgoust II at the helm, concert-goers can expect a nonpareil trip to the underground. That journey to Hades will surely be supplemented by performances by Burque’s own Suspended. Winners of this year’s Best of Burque Music awards in the heavy metal category, Amada Castillo, Jessica Armstrong and Channing Concho demonstrate through doing why metal rules this burg. Crusty thrashers Econarchy and new residents of hell Street Tombs open this night of soul-selling pleasure. 8:30pm • $12 • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

Fleet Foxes courtesy of the artist
Jet City indie folk experts Fleet Foxes perform at Sunshine Theater (120 Central Ave. SW) on Saturday, May 12 in a gig guaranteed to bring out the hipster in just about everyone over the age of 13 but under the age of 97 (ask my grandpappy. He’s 98 next week and never heard of this shizz). But back to the band at issue: Fleet Foxes do this thing where they combine superbly blended harmonies with a folk-rock sensibility that is deeply influenced—ironically, hipsters ironically—by dudes who can’t really sing at all but still wrote some of the best melodies in the history of the thing called rocanrol. You know, I’m talking about Bob Dylan and Neil Young, for Chrissakes, but you might as well float the name Brian Wilson around that band too, because a lot of what the Foxes do—harmony-wise—can be traced to the car-racing, acid-eating activities of said elder Beach Boy. Their latest recording, Crack-Up served to redefine and ultimately re-vision the place and permanency of the genre called folk-rock, whilst laying new pipe for a format some considered dead or dying. They’re just waiting for the sweetheart of the rodeo to show up because you know what? Ghengis Khan, he could not keep all his men supplied with sleep: Find out exactly what I mean at this must-hear concert. Amen Dunes open. 8pm • $39.50 • 13+.

Show Up!: Tuesday

Kendrick Lamar Batiste Safont
One day, Kendrick Lamar is going to win the Pulitzer Prize and slay all doubts in the minds of Americans about the relevance of hip-hop nation. That someday is now folks. The 2018 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for music will make an appearance at Isleta Amphitheater (5601 University Blvd. SE) on Tuesday, May 15. And to think I had been avoiding Lamar’s oeuvre due to my predilection for OG West Coast acts like Dr. Dre and Tupac. Although these seminal rappers should have, by all accounts, led me to the intense and intelligent reality generated by K-Dot’s work, it took an odd appearance by a mysterious old friend to lead me to the path of righteousness and glory. I spent a cold night in January drinking vodka and listening to To Pimp a Butterfly with my old friend Jean. That record is at least as good as Revolver or Houses of the Holy or Ladies of the Canyon—or all three combined—if you wanna know. The opportunity to see the new king of hip-hop in person, in Burque after his latest effort DAMN. won a Pulitzer in 2018 should be considered both an honor and a privilege. ScHool Boy Q and SZA are among the other acts on the bill, so get ready! Be there or be square. Period. 7:30pm • $60 to $208 • All-ages.

Fleet Foxes

courtesy of the artist

Kendrick Lamar

Batiste Safont

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