Show Up!: Until It Was Light

“Listen Baby, You Can Hear The Engine Ring”

August March
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Until It Was Light
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Courtesy of the artist)
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Eager for action and hot for the game/ The coming attraction, the drop of a name/ They knew all the right people; They took all the right pills/ They threw outrageous parties; They paid heavenly bills/ There were lines on the mirror, lines on her face/ She pretended not to notice she was caught up in the race/ Out every evenin’ until it was light/ He was too tired to make it; she was too tired to fight about it.—A few scenes from “Life in the Fast Lane,” by the Eagles.

I have no inclination whatsoever to suggest that
Weekly Alibi readers—and consequently concert-goers—should indulge in faster-than-daylight, nighttime adventures that might be construed as somehow speedy and automobile-like. I do hope they see some shows this week because that means we’ll all have one more thing in common. Are you with me, so far?

Show Up!: Thursday

Life Lessons Courtesy of the artist
For a while I had hope that the local rock scene was expanding past its Downtown locus. Duke City Sound Stage (2013 Ridgecrest Dr SE), an all-ages venue at the southeast end of one of Burque’s most chief neighborhoods—that’s my hood, yo—had a whole bunch of rock shows catering to all-ages; they’re the joint where prolific but short-lived local wunderkinder Five Mile Float began their meteoric Albuquerque ascent. Then they stopped having shows there. Five Mile Float disappeared too. Though the latter hasn’t magically reappeared, the folks at DCSS are throwing hootenannies again. Good for them. On Thursday, Oct. 5, the emo-flavored, pop-punk band of the week is Life Lessons, outta OKC. Right On, Kid!, a local outfit with a similar sonic persuasion provide support. The Countdown and Call It Quits open. It’s $10 to get in to a gig that goes off at 7pm. If you go, just be respectful and quiet when you leave; I live right down the street. And whatever you do, stay off the grass, okay?

Show Up!: Friday

Sheer Mag Via Facebook
Just like April Wine’s third album predicted, people of the future will be living on Saturn and making and listening to music that sounds just like the coolest shit to ever come out of the 1970s. Just kidding, the April Wine stuff never happened. But the second part is kinda true. Rocanrol artists, hellbent on lending credibility to their art-damaged product, are hewing to all sorts of historical sources. Of the au currant bands that embrace this strategy, Sheer Mag is probably the best. The Philly quintet certainly have their psycho-geography right and add to their relevance by wrapping their sound in the anxiety of this age. Sheer Mag will be at Sister (407 Central Ave NW) on Friday Oct. 6, to perform works from their latest effort, an amazing album called Need To Feel Your Love. Tenement and Shitty and the Terribles will be there too. Show Up for this one if you love the rock and roll music, kids. $10 • 10pm • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

DJ Jazzy Jeff Via Youtube
It could be argued that hip-hop nation’s success in American popular culture can be traced to media events in the early to mid-1990s, especially as regards arch shit on teevee like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,”—a show that mythologized the life and work of a rapper named Will Smith and some of his friends too. DJ Jazzy Jeff, a formidable Philly producer and turntableist had a part on the show, using his screen time to bring hip-hop aesthetics to the white middle-class masses. After the series ended, Jeffrey Allen Townes, as the dude is really known, went on to be a notable R&B producer. He’s back in action as a performer this year, touring on the strength of work that includes memorable collaborations with CL Smooth and Method Man. Catch this legendary DJ’s latest set at The Stage at Santa Ana Star Casino (54 Jemez Dam Rd, Bernalillo, N.M.) on Saturday, Oct. 7. Dude may not be able to rock “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” anymore but that shouldn’t stop him from rapping “Brand New Funk” (I hope). $20 to $25 • 9pm • 21+.

Show Up!: Sunday

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Courtesy of the artist
Chicago is supposedly a place with big shoulders. Plus they butcher a lot of hogs there, I hear. Those giant and bloody characteristics, as well as the city’s dismal winter environment, may be reasons for the rise of industrial dance music through the heat-blasted, snow-infested yet somehow danceable music popularized on Wax Trax! records in the 1980s. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (Groovie Man and Buzz McCoy) are one of the progenitors of this abrasively tender type of rocanrol tuneage. They’ll be doing their iron-clad, sleazy thing at Launchpad (618 Central Ave SW) on Sunday, Oct. 8, as part of their 30th Anniversary Tour. If you wanna be “Kooler Than Jesus” or feel like you should be part of a “Sexplosion!”, then you ought to go. $13 • 8pm • 21+.

Show Up!: Monday

Insane Clown Posse Courtesy of the artist
Insane Clown Posse in Albuquerque: Stop by the nearest 7-11 to stock up on Faygo. I dig the flavor called Moon Mist, but you may not like the wood resin in its ingredients. Anywho, close your eyes, buy a ticket and have your best friend escort you into the Sunshine Theater (120 Central Ave SW) on Monday, Oct. 9. Tell them they can always leave you behind if they get scared. Then sit back and get ready to go “Chicken Huntin’”, get ready for some “Miracles.” Just kidding. But if you do go, I wanna know all about that Great Milenko dude. You know my name, look up my number. $27 • 8pm • 16+.
Until It Was Light

Life Lessons

Courtesy of the artist

Sheer Mag

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DJ Jazzy Jeff

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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

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Insane Clown Posse

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