Show Up!: Writing About Music

A Post Thanksgiving Primer

August March
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Writing About Music
Ryan McGarvey (Courtesy Supro USA)
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“Will the things we wrote today/ Sound as good tomorrow/ We will still be writing/ In approaching years/ Stifling yawns on Sundays/ As the weekends disappear/ We could stretch our legs if we’d half a mind/ But don’t disturb us if you hear us trying/ To instigate the structure of another line or two/ ’Cause writing’s lighting up/ And I like life enough, to see it through.” —A song lyric by Bernie Taupin.

In the introduction to this week’s edition of Show Up!, a music section column in the alternative newspaper W
eekly Alibi that previews upcoming musical events in the Albuquerque area with literary license and super-charged sonic substance, music critic and left-wing poster boy August March went on and on about snippets of music from the past that supposedly had some relevance to this edition’s reported happenings. Supposedly.

Anyway, as he typed away on a plastic, ’90s style keyboard that made a thunking noise with each keystroke, March realized that the big American holiday called Thanksgiving—a door-opener, as it were to the bigger seasonal winter holiday that followed and continued up until the clock ran out on Super Bowl Sunday in early February—was imminent. That meant the following weekend might be a quiet one, as the usual crew of ardent concert-goers in the Duke City might be home digesting turkey and watching football.

As is often the case, he was wrong. There were heaps of concerts coming up on the weekend and March was so glad to see that in his own newspaper’s
online events calendar, that he decided to write all about it.

Show Up!: Friday Part I

The list of awesome Albuquerque musicians continues to grow. One day soon, everbody you know is going to be a famous, long-haired rocker or subtle and sly hip-hop DJ. Serio. The list of players from the Duke City that have elevated themselves and their careers beyond the borders customarily prescribed by life in Dirt City goes on and on but it surely begins with one Ryan McGarvey. The award-winning axe-man had his last local gig this past summer at the Zoo and returns for a post-Thanksgiving guitar gala on Friday, Nov. 23 at the Historic El Rey Theatre (622 Central Ave. SW). Dude’s bound to tear it up here, so drop that turkey leg and go have a listen. 8pm • $20 • All-ages.

Show Up!: Friday Part Ii

Friday night, Nov. 23 is the night when part two of an epic rap battle happens right here in Duke City, N.M. That’s right kids, Rio Grande Studios, one of the loco loci of hip-hop nation in the Burke is supporting and sponsoring this event which began on Nov. 16 and concludes on Nov. 30. The winner gets a trip to the studio complete with producer and video making! The site of this beef-y battle is none other than local all-ages concert venue, The Jam Spot (415 Central Ave. NW). Rappers pay $100 per entry, spectators are free with two social media mentions, so talk this one up—it will rock if you let it. 7pm • FREE • 13+.

Show Up!: Friday Part Iii

Revíva courtesy of the artist
The day after Thanksgiving has special significance over at the city’s greatest rock venue of them all, Launchpad (618 Central Ave. SW). For the fourth year in a row, Joe Anderson and company are asking patrons to bring their holiday leftovers to the club to be distributed to the less fortunate among us on Friday, Nov. 23. Avid listeners get a $2 discount on admission when they bring the vittles, btw. This year’s superlative lineup features Concepto Tambor and Revíva, with special guests Da Terra Meiga and Gunsafe. Sounds substantively damn good to me. 8pm • $8 • 21+

Show Up!: Friday Part Iv

When local cover bands hit it with heart, I’m totally aboard with it. It’s like a carne adovada burrito, yo; it’s damn comforting and sometimes spicy as hell. Take for example Badd Fish. A rocking quartet, young and old, featuring veteran Albuquerque guitarist Mark LaCava, singer Gil Garcia and a rhythm section consisting of Vic Maese and his son (also named Vic).They’re puro Burque and wear their affiliation with this town and its music scene proudly. They also lay down some of the funkiest grooves you’ll hear in the Duke City. Check them out at Rock and Brews (4800 Montgomery Blvd. NE), a place that also has KISS posters and beer (a fearsome combination, me thinks). 8pm • FREE • 21+.

Show Up!: Saturday

Laladee courtesy of the artist
Well, after driving, running or perhaps even flying from venue to venue last night to check out some of the stuff I told you would be totally effing rocking, you deserve a night to get a bit removed from the instrumentality of music whilst still enjoying—and perhaps even dancing to—the latest, hepest, ginchiest sounds this town on the edge of huge nuclear weapons stockpile has to offer. On Saturday night, Nov. 24, Sister (407 Central Ave. NW) plans to light things up with MIXXD. That’s a dance party that includes performances by DJs known as Laladee from Coco Lala Records, Ana M from Downlow, MIW of Underground Kids and Yermomma, too. My two cents: “A-1 sound and the sound’s so soothing!” 9pm • $5 • 21+.

Show Up!: Monday

By the time you get to Monday, Thankgiving will seem like another dream in foggy procession of dreams about what was, you will have to go back to work and yes, there may be Christmas music filling the airwaves, cable music channels and the stores in which you shop. Don’t lose hope damn it, in fact do some real brain damage to yourself before all of this soon to be overwhelming holiday playlist can humiliate one further. That’s right, bucko, go to the Good Charlotte concert happening on Monday, Nov. 26 at Sunshine Theater (120 Central Ave. SW). For good measure, the pop emo superstars with twins for main members has a new album out called Generation Rx. How’s that for a proposed rocanrol remedy? I think they’re kinda sorta punk rock, but ask your kids to be sure. 7:15pm • $35 • 13+.


courtesy of the artist


courtesy of the artist

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