With The Wailers And Sub Agencia (Moonlight Lounge)

Laura Marrich
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Wednesday, Feb. 15, Sunshine Theater (smoking and alcohol service in segregated areas only); $20: Remember Snow? If you've heard of the ragga artist at all, it's only thanks to his unintelligible 1993 one-hit wonder, “Informer.” (You know, “In-for-mer! You know … de-blooby-da-boo-be-I-go-bam … A nicky boom boom, yeah!”) Love it or loathe it, the song is difficult to ignore. Something about a wimpy blonde dude with a Jamaican accent will do that.

OK, so now Snow is back on tour. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. And there are plenty of other things I can't figure out, either. For starters, he's Canadian. (Where the hell did that Jamaican accent come from?) He's the second cousin of Barenaked Ladies' lead singer Steven Page, who, inexplicably, credits Snow with the success of BNL. And most bizarrely of all, Snow is also in the Guinness Book of World Records twice—once for the Biggest Selling Reggae Single in U.S. History and again for the Highest Charting Reggae Single in History.

It's a bit of a pisser, then, that Snow is on tour with The Wailers. You know, The Wailers. The original members of Bob Marley's band have been together just shy of 40 years. They've got a cult-like following among casual listeners and hardcore audiophiles worldwide. Exodus (written and recorded by Bob Marley and the Wailers) was named Album of the Century by Time magazine. Still, The Wailers hold no honors for album sales. Not like Snow—a Canadian one-hit wonder from the early '90s with two Guinness World Records for reggae.

At least Snow isn't headlining tonight. That would just be too much.

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