Snugfit Social Club

Laura Marrich
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On Friday, August 12, DJs Paul and Will will unleash the inaugural fury of Snugfit Social Club at the Launchpad. In the meantime, DJ Paul gives the Alibi a lesson on funky-ass dance beats, just to get your motor runnin'.

So what is this thing?

Snugfit Social Club is a subterranean disco. We’ll be playing electro, indie, disco, nuwave, retroclash, dancepunk, synth … whatever works. From a programming standpoint, it’s all about connecting the dots between 25 years of music, finding the links between (for example) French electro house, British post-punk, krautrock, dubby New York disco—even conventional American pop. We’re definitely looking to do something a bit different with the night. For now, it’s on August 12, and if it goes well we’re going to shoot for a monthly [all-ages] schedule.

Who’s it for?

It’s for everyone! Obviously, it is not for everyone. It’s for people who want to dance, but don’t really have anywhere else to go. It’s for people who like Daft Punk and The Fall equally. I love dancing and I love dance music, but typically my tastes are not reflected in most DJs’ playlists. We just figured that if we had a disco where we liked every song, there’d have to be somebody else who was into it, too. I want peoples’ necks and calves to be sore on Saturday.

Why the Launchpad?

The Launchpad has a great sound system, firstly, and I think spatially it works really well for a dance party. Also, the crowd that we’re courting is probably familiar with the Launchpad and used to going there. If you never go see any of the bands that play there, you probably won’t be feeling Snugfit deep down. Plus, the Launchpad supports local music and they support new music.

Where else would we know DJ Paul and DJ Will from?

Hrmm … probably nowhere. We’re complete amateurs. We’ve deejayed together a few times before at house parties and small bars. Will used to have a residency at Sauce a couple years ago. I used to have a couple residencies in Denver, at the Snake Pit and at Lime.

Who's responsible for the fancy artwork on your flyers?

Will and I both did artwork for our flyers. I did the computer/music station plugging into the guitar horse, and Will did the Sid Vicious/ghetto blaster poster [not shown]. We spent an extremely hot afternoon pulling screen prints in my apartment. We’re hoping this all pays off with some outrageous dancing.

Shake your ass off at Snugfit Social Club, which will start at 10 p.m. on Friday, August 12, at the Launchpad. Admission is $4 and limited to those over 21 years of age.

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