Song Roulette: Adam Hooks (Without His Hang Ups)

Adam Hooks (Without His Hang Ups)

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Adam Hooks and a hang up
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Adam Hooks, of Adam Hooks & His Hang Ups, is having a CD release potluck at the Albuquerque Press Club on Friday (see the calendar for details). Find out more about Mr. Hooks via the five random songs below.

Song Roulette

1) "Do You Pray" • Chuck Ragan • Feast or Famine

“Lately there has been a rash of old punk rockers turning towards the country/folk medium, and this guy is one of the best. Former singer of Hot Water Music and now an even better solo artist, Chuck Ragan managed to keep the old punk attitude while crafting incredibly poetic and powerful acoustic songs. Plus, his voice just wails!”

Song Roulette

2) "We Want the Airwaves" • Ramones • Hey Ho Let’s Go: Anthology

“These guys and Nirvana were the first bands to make me realize that rock ’n’ roll didn’t need flashy guitar solos or sold-out arenas to be cool. In fact, the Ramones changed my attitude towards music altogether! The perfect blend of three chords, attitude and passion. There’s nothing else a 13-year-old Midwest kid needs to know about when it comes to writing songs. But I think the lyrics say it best: ‘Where’s your guts and will to survive/ Don’t you wanna keep rock ’n’ roll music alive/ Mr. Programmer, I got my hammer, and I’m gonna smash my, smash my radio.’ “

Song Roulette

3) "The Candy Machine and My Girlfriend" • Lifter Puller • “The Entertainment and Arts”

“Lifter Puller was a concept band formed in Minneapolis in the mid/late ’90s by Craig Finn and Tad Kubler—now of Hold Steady fame. Just like The Hold Steady, the songs of Lifter Puller weave stories of drug abuse, sex, nightclub fires and murder while using reoccurring characters and themes. If you’re in the mood for literary post-punk, then this is the band for you. Pop a pill, crack open a can of 3.2, and come to in the back of a taxi parked at the airport with your tights around your ankles and a gun in your hand. And that’s after one song.”

Song Roulette

4) "Bombs Over M.O.M." • Lost Sounds • Lost Sounds

“This is a great example of garage synth rock. Lost Sounds was a Jay Reatard (R.I.P.) side project on In The Red Records that combined his quirky version of pop with dark synthesizer leads, punky guitars and tribal, driving drums. With songs about nuclear war, clones and forced medication, how could you ever go wrong? If you’re familiar with Jay’s other work, then this is a pretty good example of another side of our fallen hero.”

Song Roulette

5) "Old Spinning Wheel" • Preservation Hall Jazz Band • Songs of New Orleans

“Recently I started getting really into New Orleans Jazz. There’s just something about the passion, the playing and the movement of that music that fits very well with a rock ’n’ roll attitude and lifestyle. They’re not afraid to let go and have a good time, let the music take over, and dance. Lately, my biggest pet peeve at shows has been the lack of excitement among the crowds. Everyone just stands around with their arms crossed trying to look like they’re too cool to be there. New Orleans jazz is the opposite extreme of that. It just gives you this feeling—you can’t help but get up and get down!”

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