Song Roulette Deluxe: Eva Blaylock’s Random Tracks

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Eva BlaylockÕs Random Tracks
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Native New Mexican Eva Blaylock has been playing music her whole life. Classically trained as a French horn player and clarinetist, she moved Downtown seven years ago. A girlfriend suggested they start a punk band, and Blaylock happened to have an electric bass stowed away in a closet. She dragged it out and started playing. Thus, pop-punk trio Pan!c was born. Initially envisioned as an all-female band, it is now comprised of Blaylock on bass, guitarist Billy Miles Brooke and drummer Joey Gonzales (both ex-members of the Dirty Novels, among others). She also plays bass in cowpunk threesome Suicide Lanes.

While Pan!c and Suicide Lanes are still active, their performances are sporadic. When drummer Nate Daly called Blaylock up and told her she was being drafted to an Elvis tribute band with him and Jim Phillips, she happily assented. Daly is a longtime friend and former coworker, and she says she’d always wanted to work with Phillips. Don’t prime your ears for parody, though, because Jumpsuit is straight-up homage. Sincerely dedicated to The King, Jumpsuit debuts their pelvis-swiveling sound at Captain America’s third Garage and Wax Night at
Low Spirits on Friday, Oct. 12.

Blaylock fired up her Mac and put iTunes on shuffle. Below are the random tracks she unearthed.

Song Roulette

1) “Isn’t She Lovely” • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes • Take a Break

“One of those guilty pleasures, those Gimmes. They do covers well, in my opinion … and how could I ever take affront to a Stevie song? Stevie is sort of my music
god. And, well, if they didn’t mess with this song, then I guess they’re doing something right.”

Song Roulette

2) “Lucky Guy” • The Muffs • The Muffs

“Oh, Kim. Brilliant wee bundle of feedback and hoarse, unintelligible phrasings, how you rock me. Love the Muffs, always have, always will. In fact, I saw the Muffs way back when at the Dingo Bar. Super cool to be so close and in such a happy place. Their opening band was Groovie Ghoulies and I actually dug them, too. My pal Lucky might have just had to sneak me in the back door; it was so long ago, when I was just a lass, but it was
so worth risking his job. For me, anyway.”

Song Roulette

3) “It’s Getting to Me” • Lousy Robot • Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else

“Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Just because Jim and I are playing in Jumpsuit together doesn’t mean I have to be a
lambe and suck up by saying his tune was in my shuffle. But it was. It’s actually odd how many times Lousy comes up in my random shuffle. Let me count.”

Song Roulette

4) “Scheherazade, Op. 35: II, The Story Of The Kalendar Prince (Opening)” • Rimsky-Korsakov / Riccardo Muti and the Philadelphia Orchestra • Best Classics 100, Disc 5

“A very pretty piece. I love violins intertwining. The intro hooked me. I also used a portion of it for a chaotic performance piece with part of a Porter Draw tune and a piece from Catfish Hunter that I assembled for a movie I produced based on a fictional air-guitar competition.”

Song Roulette

5) “Dreaming” • Blondie • Eat to the Beat

“Ah, being young and free and whimsical and dancing to Blondie. My mom was a Jazzerciser when I was a kid and my favorite tunes were always Blondie hits. Of course, the memory is intertwined with that of ladies pushing and bopping and heaving around in oh-so-many pastel shades of spandex, but it was kinda cool being a kid then and hoping for the day that I, too, would get to wear spandex and sweat copiously to bop and disco. Maybe I’ll start my own dance club. ‘Dreaming’ is definitely in my top five Blondie songs ever.”


with CanyonLands, Killjoy & The Cutthroats, DJ Mello and Huron Valley Listening Club

Friday, October 12, at 8 p.m.

Low Spirits

2823 Second Street NW

Tickets: $5, 21-and-over

Eva BlaylockÕs Random Tracks

Eva Blaylock

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Eva BlaylockÕs Random Tracks

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