Song Roulette: Luis Mota, Talent-Buyer For A Triumvirate Of Local Venues, Shuffles His Tunes

Launchpad’s Luis Mota

Jessica Cassyle Carr
2 min read
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As talent-buyer and manager for not one, not two, but three venues—Launchpad, Low Spirits and Sunshine Theater—Luis Mota is constantly surrounded by music and/or music-related things. Below are the first five shuffled tracks that were floating around his music library.

Music Playlist

1) “20 Dollar” • M.I.A. • Kala

“Taking the song ‘Where Is My Mind?’ from the Pixies and twisting it around—I feel like I’m listening to the Pixies while on acid.”

Music Playlist

2) “Here’s Looking At You, Kid” • The Gaslight Anthem • The ‘59 Sound

“I never actually heard this song until I did this Song Roulette. It’s a good song.”

Music Playlist

3) “ For Broken Ears” • Chuck Ragan • Feast or Famine

“I’m a big Hot Water Music fan, mainly because of how Chuck’s voice and lyrics grab you. His live show and solo stuff makes me love music again. I was lucky enough to hang out with him this past month.”

Music Playlist

4) “ The Reeling” • Passion Pit • Manners

“Not much to say about this song … it brings me back to the ’80s in a way, with a twist of disco.”

Music Playlist

5) “Ontario Plates” • Do Make Say Think • Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

“Great background music to help me relax. I love all of Godspeed’s [as in, Godspeed You! Black Emperor] projects, never can go wrong.”

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