Song Roulette: Peer Into Swingin’ Meat Member Matthew Ezzard’s Music Library

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Matthew Ezzard
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Matthew Ezzard is the upright-bass player for Swingin’ Meat, purveyor extraordinaire of Albuquerque-based Let’s find out what kinds of ditties dwell in Mr. Ezzard’s music library, shall we?

Song Roulette

1) “Skinhead Moonstomp” • Symarip • Skinhead Moonstomp

“The skinhead subculture is widely associated with racism and far-right-wing politics, but it began in the UK as a working-class movement for young people of all races. In addition to being from working families and sharing a similar haircut, another common thread that united the skinheads was a love of Jamaican music. The band Symarip reflected the influence the skinheads had on reggae music and were one of the founding bands in the genre known as skinhead reggae.”

Song Roulette

2) “5 Minutes to Live” • Nashville Pussy • Let Them Eat Pussy

“If being drunk, unwashed and wearing the same clothes for a week had a soundtrack, odds are it would be composed by Nashville Pussy. Extreme Southern rockers and politically incorrect, Nashville Pussy is one of the last true rock and roll bands out on the road. In a time where overproduced, digitally altered music is the norm, Nashville Pussy is fighting the good fight to keep rock ’n’ roll loud, fast and dirty. And proving that just because you play simple, three-chord songs doesn’t mean you don’t have talent is lead guitarist Ruyter Suys, one of the top female guitar players of any genre.”

Song Roulette

3) “Small Parts” • The Oohlas • Best Stop Pop

“I didn’t know anything about this band when I download … err … legally purchased this album, but it is one of the nicest musical surprises I’ve come across. The album has a kind of dreamy feel to it and a nice pace that makes it the perfect soundtrack for an overcast day spent lounging around. ‘Small Parts’ highlights vocalist/guitarist Olivia Stone’s melodic voice and her ability to craft a catchy chorus.”

Song Roulette

4) “Diggin’ in the Dirt” • Sean Reefer and The Resin Valley Boys • Texas Hill Country

“As the name suggests, Sean Reefer and The Resin Valley Boys sing a lot of songs about marijuana and the lovely effects of THC, also know as Texas Hill Country. Following in the ideological footsteps of Willie Nelson with a sound influenced by classic honky-tonk, Sean Reefer proves that cowboys have tastes other than whiskey when the need to lasso a buzz and saddle up a good time creeps up. Backed up by talented musicians who bring his clever lyrics to life, I’m hoping to hear a lot more high-grade music from Sean Reefer.”

Song Roulette

5) “This Is the Thing” • Chet Baker • Baby Breeze

“I don’t know much about jazz, but I thoroughly enjoy Chet Baker. Although he is popular with jazz enthusiasts, I’ve always felt that Chet Baker has been overshadowed by Miles Davis and deserves more recognition. In addition to being an incredibly talented trumpeter, Baker is also one of the best singers I have heard. He has a style all his own, even when he is playing an incredibly fast passage his phrasing and timing makes it sound like he is sleepwalking. Which he very well could have been, if you take into consideration his crippling, nearly lifelong heroin addiction.”

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