Song Roulette: Sam Adams’ Random Selections

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Chicago, where Sam’s from
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Armed with an awesome byline, Sam Adams is a talented writer, photographer and copy editor. And, lucky for us, he’s the Alibi’s super swell new intern. He recently moved to Albuquerque from Chicago, bringing his music collection with him. Below are five randomly selected tracks.

Song Roulette

1) “Whispering” • Oscar Aleman • Swing Guitar Masterpieces

“I don’t know much about swing guitar, but I love everything I’ve heard, especially Oscar Aleman. Listening to him makes me think of Sean Penn’s character in Sweet and Lowdown , and one of the most romantic lines in modern cinema: ‘Wanna go to the dump and shoot some rats?’ ”

Song Roulette

2) “Poison Trees” • The Devil Makes Three • Do Wrong Right

“I spent three summers during my college years sleeping on couches in Olympia, Wa. At night my longbeard friends would play tunes, and one of the favorites was a Devil Makes Three cover. This band is the reason the style dubbed ‘new-grass’ is my favorite thing going on right now. This particular cut is one of the better ones off their most recent album. Like much of their stuff, it’s got an upbeat, dance-friendly vibe that contrasts well with foreboding, doomsday lyrics. Sadly, I don’t think they’ve ever played in New Mexico.”

Song Roulette

3) “Magic Dance” • David Bowie • Labyrinth

“If anything scarred me as a child, it was the sight of David Bowie throwing a baby in the air while prancing around in a silver leotard in Labyrinth . I don’t have enough pride to get into why this is on my computer.”

Song Roulette

4) “Thin Red Line” • Typical Cats • Typical Cats

“One of the best hip-hop acts ever to come out of Chicago. Period. They put out one great album, one decent album and a bunch of hit-or-miss solo projects. Reputed to be working on a new album—but that’s been the word on the street for awhile. They ruled the Chi underground scene in the early aughts. This track follows the group’s three MCs on a Chicago train ride.”

Song Roulette

5) “Streams of Whiskey” • The Pogues • Red Roses For Me

“Here Shane McGowan daydreams over what it would be like to get drunk with Brendan Behan. For those not inclined toward lawless alcoholism, the magnitude of McGowan’s wish might translate roughly to what it would be like to play a game of HORSE with Michael Jordan. I’ve seen The Pogues four times—each has been more unintelligible, yet memorable, than the last.”

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