Song Roulette: Scrams Drummer Nate Daly

Scrams Drummer Nate Daly

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Meet Nate Daly
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Nate Daly is the drummer for The Scrams, Albuquerque’s foremost proprietor of warehouse-rocking trash-n-roll (and creator of a brand-new album—look for a review coming to this old rag soon). Daly is also a copy editor and writer for nationally distributed music magazine Under the Radar. Below lie five random tracks from his music library.

Song Roulette

1) “Waterfall” • The Fresh & Onlys • Play It Strange

“Hot damn! Just reviewed this album a few days ago and this is the best song on it. A perfect psych pop song replete with Byrds guitar jangle, a killer hook and sweet backing vocals. Love the too cool, detached vocals.”

Song Roulette

2) “Bronze and Baby Shoes” • Swell Maps • A Trip to Marineville

“The least listenable Swell Maps song? Punk rock slowed down to quarter speed with lots of moaning, reverb, and an attempt to be evil and foreboding. Give me ‘Full Moon in My Pocket!’ ”

Song Roulette

3) “Hold On to Your Genre” • Les Savy Fav • Inches

“Tim Harrington is the runner up for ‘Best Large, Hairy, Bearded Male Singer to Share Sweat With at a Rock Show.’ First place goes to Damian Abraham.”

Song Roulette

4) “Get More” • Teen Archer • The Dental Lab Demos

“Short-lived Oakland duo consisting of a former bass player bandmate of mine and a lady whose name I forget on drums. I’m guilty of only listening to this album once, but this a damn fine song.”

Song Roulette

5) “I Am Waiting” • Rolling Stones • Aftermath

“Whenever I hear this song, I picture Mick Jagger crouched inside of a Smurfs-style mushroom house.”

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