Song Roulette With The Anodyne’s Jukebox-Keeper

Anodyne Jukebox-Keeper Ross Source

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Song Roulette
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Ross Source is Anodyne’s jack-of-all-trades. He’s steward of the Downtown bar’s diverse boozes and beers, caretaker of its inviting flora, manager of music, and an ideal person to play this game. Source is responsible for what was once, and what will soon be again, the best jukebox in Albuquerque. Below are random, shuffled selections from his vast music library.

1) “Valium Waltz” • Old 97s Drag It Up

“It’s slower than most of their songs. I’m not super familiar with it, but I like Old 97s a lot.”

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2) “Jique” • Brazilian Girls Talk to la Bomb

“It’s fun and dancey—it’s just a good vibe. Again I’m not super familiar with this song. They have another song called ‘Pussy.’ But, uh, I just like their energy.”

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3) “Goodbye Babylon” • The Black Keys Magic Potion

“Retro bluesy awesomeness. I didn’t get to see them because I chose to see the Foo Fighters instead at the Austin City Limits Festival, which I guess wasn’t so bad, but I would like to see The Black Keys. I still haven’t. Stupid scheduling conflicts.”

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4) “Sara” • Bob Dylan Desire

“I like
Desire as an album, but “Sara” is not my favorite track. ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ is what I prefer.”

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5) “Sleep Talking Blues” • Ma Rainey Ma Rainey

“Ma Rainey is awesome. Really early blues women are good for a Sunday. It’s a good way to start a day.”

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