Song Roulette

Random Tracks From Leech Of Lore Andy Lutz

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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(Courtesey of Leeches of Lore)
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Leeches of Lore is a three-headed monster responsible for disassembling brains far and wide with its warp-speed metal stylings. Steve Hammond (guitar, vocals), Noah Wolters (organ, Mellotron) and Andy Lutz (drums) complete the pulchritudinous trio, which is releasing dual albums at Launchpad on Friday. We asked Lutz to take his music library for a spin and see what random tracks might surface. Below are the results.

Song Roulette

1) “The Yeti” • High On Fire • Surrounded by Thieve s

“Love this song! It appeals to my basest masculinity, but also conjures ridiculous and complex imagery. Listening to it now, I’m not sure if I’d rather build an enormous fire or start a
Mad Max / “Star Trek: The Next Generation” crossover fan fiction blog. Heavy.”

Song Roulette

2) “Hallowed Be My Name” • Alice Cooper • Love It to Death

“This entire album just kills me. Though this song is one of my lesser favorites on the record (written by the drummer, go figure), it is quite possibly my favorite rock and roll album of all time. My father turned me on to
Love It to Death when I was in my late teens. He was similarly young when the record was released, and I can hardly imagine the elation it gave young listeners in 1971! Still avant-garde, 40 years later.”

Song Roulette

3) “Bloody Mary” • The Jesus Lizard • Head/Pure

“David Yow is one of my favorite musicians ever. I had the pleasure of meeting him shortly after my 30
th birthday. The grievous facial injuries I carried at the time endeared me to him, and his dedication of numerous songs to me during the set took some of the sting out of my unwanted facial rearrangement. Consequently, I am training to become a ‘Life Coach.’ This song generally reminds me of certain horror movies. The kind where horrid creatures kill attractive youngsters by climbing up through the plumbing. I like this song.”

Song Roulette

4) “Pick ’Em, Lick ’Em, Stick ’Em” • David Allan Coe • 18 X-Rated Hits

“This song is PROOF that I did not cheat on Song
Roulette. Bordering on promoting incest, this song is ridiculous and gross. Though not overtly racist like many others on the album, this song replaces its lack of the ‘N-word’ with hyperbolic misogyny. The thought was, the absurdity of this record may get some laughs during weeks four or five of our last tour (weeks after having exhausted our Huey Lewis & the News tolerance, and days after getting really into Rockapella for a while … desperate days), but Davis Allan Coe is simply too big a piece of shit to entertain even the severely calloused and weary. Kids, stick to the Jerky Boys and Anthrax’s ‘I’m the Man’ EP if you wanna piss off your folks. And huffin’ may be less damaging to your development.”

Song Roulette

5) “Black Juju” • Alice Cooper •  Love It to Death

“I am so very pleased that this song came up. In addition to being one of my favorites on this previously fawned-over album, it has quite literally been responsible for the shape of our band today. Steve and I wanted to cover this song very badly for a Halloween performance (séancy as it is), but could not realize its potential as a two-piece band. Furthermore, the body of the song can only truly fruit with the help of an organ. Enter Noah. He not only made our rendition of ‘Black Juju’ come alive, but made us realize how much we needed his talents (specifically) to complete our sudden new vision. Plus, he’s great at haggling down motel room prices! Thanks, Alice!”

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