Sonic Reducer

Jessica Cassyle Carr
2 min read
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Montreal’s Chromeo is back on their second full-length, bumping out another dose of schmaltzy jams. Being new to mine ears, when I first played this album I was sure the cheesy electronica beats and stupid lyrics were a joke. Turns out they’re not a joke, but intended to sort of sound like a joke. How post-modern. In any case, the songs are wretched. But would I dance to them after two cocktails? Absolutely—I’ve danced to much worse.

The Clientele God Save The Clientele (Merge)

How many times can one band rehash ’60s pop music? Three! While I gushed over the last album, on this, their third, the same one-trick pony is a minor let down. While there is this decided lack of progress, a mellow aesthetic coupled with the reverb’s gentle ebb and flow is still nice for easy listening. Imagine the Carpenters, but without the un-hipness and anorexia.

Eyvind Kang Athlantis (Ipecac)

Mike Patton and the gang made a classical album called Athlantis . The result, as it usually is when rockers attempt typically dark and moody symphonies, is very boring, if not laughable.

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