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I’ve only just been able to listen to modern-day country music and move beyond my misguided disdain to discover the beautiful, soulful, epic, story-like core to this genre. Billy Bob Thornton‘s Beautiful Door contains a double-whammy of reasons why I shouldn’t like it: country and Billy Bob Thornton. But like my waning dislike of country music, my ability to ignore Thornton’s star status has improved and given me a chance to view him as a musician, a storyteller and a lyricist. Beautiful Door is good, old-fashioned country with a cowboy feel completely devoid of Hollywood. [AD]

Rasputina Oh Perilous World (Filthy Bonnet)

I’m not going to lie. I don’t understand all the allegories as metaphors, the comparisons of obscure archaic figures to current events. But I’ve only given ears to this thing a couple of times. There’s something to be said for meaning that emerges lethargically. Oh Perilous World promises to award patience with a bloom, and in the meantime, the distorted alt.cello music kicks enough keister to tie one over. Melora Creager‘s cello battalion has born five other full-lengths. Devotees will not be disappointed, unless they were waiting for Creager to finally repeat herself. [MD]

Sevr1 Russian Roulette (Alumni Productions)

On his first solo album, local hip-hopper Sevr1 (of The Alumni) is humbled by life but flares a style fit for the major leagues. Sevr1’s inspiration comes from his faith in God, which has propelled him across Christian festival stages (including the Gospel Music Awards showcase in Nashville) with big names like Pigeon John. While Russian Roulette covers a variety of feelings, spiritual or otherwise, there’s only one bullet and it’s aimed to please the kids. Take a spin. [JAH]

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